Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) Concepts, Contexts and Applications in Joint Operation Upstream International Petroleum - Oil and Gas - Accounting (London, UK)

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Central London (Inglaterra), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Emiratos Árabes Unidos), Abuja, Nigeria (Nigeria) y 47 sedes más

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  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • En 50 sedes
  • 60 horas lectivas
  • Duración:
    10 Days
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This Course is Designed For:
Finance Directors and Managers;
Financial Controllers;
Chief Accountants;
Treasury Officers;
Asset Accountants;
Joint Venture Accountants;
Management Accountants;
Internal and External Auditors;
Government Regulators;
Financial Analysts;
Fund managers;
Public Accountants;
Venture Capitalists;
Private Equities;
Government Ministers,
Chief Executives;
Managing Directors;
Engineers and Geologist;
Drilling and Refinery Managers;
Marketing and Sales Directors and Managers;
Others interested in the operation of the Oil and Gas Industry, its regulation, exploration, production, and accounting systems

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Requisitos: Degree or Relevant Work Experience


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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Khalifa Street, 44486, Abu Dhabi, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
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Abuja, Nigeria
Cadastral Zone A0, Central Business District, Abuja, 7069, Nigeria, Nigeria
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Kirkos Subcity Kebele, 21555, Ethiopia, Etiopía
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Algiers, Algeria
Pins Maritimes, 16000, Algeria, Argelia
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Algiers, Algeria
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Amman, Jordan
Bin Ali Street, 11118, Jordan, Jordania
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Oil and Gas
Accounting MBA
Financial Training
Successful Efforts Accounting
Oil and Gas Accounting
Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)
Joint Operation Agreement
Joint Venture Project Approval
Production Sharing Contract
Minimalist AFE
Exploratory Wells
Test Wells
Well Completion
Drilling Contract
Risk Service Agreement
Lease Contract;
Well Drilling
Drilling Operations
Facility Construction
Rig Workover
Intangible Drilling Cost

Programa académico

Couse Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Module 1 – Contextualising Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) Process
Contextualising Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)
  • AFE as Documentation for Joint Operators Approval for Expenditure 
  • Cost control as an Aspect of AFE 
Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) As a Process
  • Budgeting as an Aspect of AFE Monitoring as an Aspect of AFE 
  • AFE Process in Joint Operation Agreement
  • AFE as Joint Venture Project Approval
  • Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) Conceptualisation
  • Economical Evaluation in AFE
  • AFE Coding
  • Components of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)
  • Preparation, Execution and Monitoring Process of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)
  • AFE Process in Join Operation Agreement
  • Interest Partner Approval as AFE Execution
  • AFE as Joint Venture Project Approval
  • AFE in Production Sharing Contract (PSC);
  • AFE for Risk Service Agreement (RSA) or Risk Service Contract (RSC);
  • Non-Standard AFE
  • Operationally Standardized AFE
  • Minimalist AFE
  • Addressing Failure to Obtain Approval from all working interest owners of an Authority for Expenditure: Result
  • AFE as Reapproval for Budgeting Excess
  • Consequences for Non-reapproval of Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)
  • AFEs as a Control Mechanism for Oil and Gas Accounting
  • Accumulation of AFE Activities in the General Ledger
  • Executing Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE)
  • Reporting of AFE Activities at AFE Level

Module 2 – Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) Application
Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) for Exploration and Acquisition
  • AFE For Lease Contract;
  • AFE For Exploration;
  • AFE for Exploratory Wells;
  • AFE for Test Wells;
  • AFE for Estimated Intangible Drilling Cost (IDC), Equipment Cost and Completion Cost for Well Drilling
Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) for Drilling Contract
  • AFE in Domestic Drilling Operations
  • AFE in International Drilling Operations
  • AFE for Day Rate Drilling Contract
  • AFE for Footage Drilling Contract
  • AFE for Turnkey Drilling Contract
  • AFE For Well Completion
  • AFE for Recompletion
Authorisation for Expenditure (AFE) for Development Cost
  • AFE as Completion Cost in SE
  • AFE for Plugging and Abandonment Cost in Dry Wells
  • AFE for Drilling as Production Costs
  • AFE as Reapproval for Budgeting Excess
  • AFE for Facility Construction
AFE for Tangible Drilling and Production Costs
  • AFE For Service Wells
  • AFE for Drilling as Production Costs
AFE for Drilling Operational Problems
  • AFE for Workovers
  • Rig Workover
  • AFE for Drilling Operation
  • Recompletion Operation
  • AFE for Plugging and Abandonment Cost in Dry Wells
  • AFE as Completion Cost in SE

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