Certificate Course in New Age Addictions

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Do you have trouble logging off from the Social Media Network? Do you spend an uncontrollable amount of time surfing the Internet, playing Online Games, surfing Online Porn and watching Television? Do you chat, message, or endlessly play games on your mobile? Are you, or any of your loved ones trapped in the complex maze of a Technology-addicted life? It is likely that you are Addicted to Technology! Courses are vetted by experts, self-paced, flexible, with easy assessments, online certifications and take only six months to complete. Learning from experts in their field, you will find your way to success without the hassle of rushing to classes or having to give up your working hours - better yourself without compromising your lifestyle.

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The New Age Addictions course is a general awareness course that helps the user understand the ‘Technology Addiction Cycle’ and its repercussions. The course identifies the harsh reality of the growing problematic usage of Technology and its effects on human life. It gives an insight into the triggers that lead to the Addiction; the faulty thought patterns that reinforce the addictive behavior and the harsh consequences one has to face when they become a slave to it. The course provides tips on self-help approaches for dealing with these addictions and addresses addictions like; Social Media Addiction, Television Addiction, Online Gambling Addiction and Internet Porn Addiction.

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The Contents for this course are as follows - 1.Definition of Addiction, 2.New-Age Addictions (with examples), 3.Types of New-Age Addictions (brief description only), 4.Internet Addiction, 5.Social Media Addiction and Smartphone Addiction, 6.Online Videogames and Television Addiction, 7.Cyber Bullying, 8.Online Gambling Addiction, 9.Cybersex and Internet Porn Addiction, 10.Treatment and getting back to balanced life. Through these subjects skills are developed and knowledge is acquired in order to fulfil a position or job efficiently and with confidence. Our online methodology makes it easier to combine your professional and personal life. Even you have a busy day to day live, this course adapts itself to your routine. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister, leading educational portal.

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This Course is Best Suited for Parent, teachers, students, homemakers, managers, supervisors, support staff of psychologists and others interested in the field of Technology Addiction.