Cognitive Psychology Level 2

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This course is composed of 12 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £399.
This course in Cognitive Psychology covers a variety of topics, such as perception, learning, memory and thinking.
In addition the course also looks at studying responses such as emotion and motivation. The goals of the course are to present you with a comprehensive understanding of cognitive psychology and help you understand all the key terms and ideas in this field.

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Cognitive Psychology
Visual perception
Theories of perception

Programa académico

Module one Introduction to cognitive psychology

Your first module focuses on introducing you to the field and also the key terms used. We will look at the importance of learning about psychology, introspection and behaviourism.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

Module Three Visual Perception

In this module we look at perception, perpetual illusions and theories of perception.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours

module ten Language in context

We look at understanding neuropsychology, brain and word recognition and language acquisition. Learn everything you need to know about this and much more in this module.

  • Recommended study time: 2-3 hours