Bath Spa University
En Corsham, Lewisham (Inglaterra)

£ 13.860 - ($ 50.266.233)
IVA inc.

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You will choose one of these specialist routes, but students from all courses will explore together common principles in the philosophy and approach to design. You will then focus on the diversity and individuality of your particular design specialism.

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Wiltshire, Inglaterra
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BA1 5SF, London, Inglaterra
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Programa académico

The course is offered in both full and part-time modes. It is normally one calendar year (three trimesters) in duration in full-time mode, or six trimesters in part-time mode (this may be extended by negotiation).

The course is in three parts:

  • The Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) in trimester 1
  • The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in trimester 2
  • Master of Arts (MA) in trimester 3

During the first two trimesters full-time students are taught two days a week, with another two days work expected of them, while part-time students are taught one day a week with another day of self-study. All teaching is supported by e-mail and you will have a personal tutor and ready access to the course director.

For full-time students, trimesters 1 and 2 involve four modules leading to the PG Dip. All students take a common module, Research Methodologies, in the first trimester. At the same time you will undertake the first module of your chosen design discipline (see below) in Trimester 1, followed by two further specialist modules in Trimester 2. Finally an individually negotiated study forming a body of work, in Trimester 3, completes the MA.

Información adicional

Course length: MA full-time: three trimesters (one calendar year); MA part-time: six trimesters (two calendar years); PG Dip full-time: two trimesters (one academic year); PG Dip part-time: four trimesters; PG Cert full-time: one trimester; PG Cert part-time: two trimesters.