Environmental Economics

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This course aims at equipping students with economic methods and tools to analyze basic environmental issues while strengthening group work skills. This course combines theoretical analysis with discussions on specific environmental policies as applied to water, air pollution, energy, climate change and human health issues.

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Environmental Economics

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand that how economic methods can be applied to a whole selection of environmental economics problems. Understand a number of the challenges and difficulties that arise in using economic analysis in environmental policy design. Be able to solve and manipulate a variety of diagrammatic and algebraic models in environmental economics, and critically evaluate these models. Be familiar with a number of real world environmental policy problems and understand how economic analysis has been applied in their solution.
This is a short term course with the contents: Introduction to Environmental Economics, Economy-Environment Relationships, Pollution Characteristics and Trends, The Competitive Market Model, Social Efficiency and Competitive Market Failure, Economics of Pollution, Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA), Measuring Benefits, Measuring Costs, Evaluation Criteria, Liability Laws and Establishing Property Rights, Moral Suasion and Pollution Standards, Pollution Taxes and Subsidies, Marketable Pollution Permits, Environmental Policy-making, Water Policies, Air Pollution Policies, The Kyoto Protocol and Carbon Markets, Toxic Substances and Solid Waste Policies.