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Fellowship in Sports Rehabilitation

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This exciting interdisciplinary Fellowship course provides flexible, advanced professional training in the field of sport rehabilitation for health, sport and exercise professionals:Physiotherapists, sports therapists, sport and exercise rehabilitators, physical Educators.
This is the most comprehensive and complete sports rehab course on the market. It includes neuromuscular, strength training and manual therapy concepts for athletic injuries of both the upper and lower extremity core.

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During the Course, we expect that you will
Acquire adequate knowledge of scientific training and fitness specific to individual sports.
Develop adequate skills and knowledge of prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries.
Acquire comprehensive knowledge of sports nutrition and nutrition for performance enhancement.
Understanding guidelines for setting up of fitness and training centers

Requisitos: Graduates in Physiotherapy / NIS Coaches BPED, MPED Students / Psychologists , Nutritionists & Nursing Graduates MBBS Graduates & General Practitioners (Including BHMS,BAMS, BUMS)


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There are 12 topics which is 1.Introduction to Sports Rehabilitation, 2.Kinesiology and Sports Injuries, 3.Nutrition and Sport, 4.Tools of Sports Rehabilitation, 5.Sports Injuries: A General Guide, 6.Rehabilitation Techniques for specific Injuries, 7.Exercise and Fitness, 8.Return to Sports Activities, 9.Emergency Procedures, 10.Protective Equipment in High-Risk Sports, 11.Drug Abuse in Sports, 12.Sports Psychology.

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You can also pay in 2 installment but in installment fee would be increased to 1st is Rs.20000 ($375), 2nd is Rs.20000 ($375).