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Health and Well Being

ADL - Academy for Distance Learning

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Tipología Vocational qualification
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A wide-ranging Home Study course to broaden your health and well-being knowledge! This comprehensive foundation course develops an understanding of the nature and scope of human health and wellbeing, and of the health and fitness industry looking at subjects such as nutrition, lifestyle, preventative health, and alternative medicine.

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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First Aid
Stress Management
Basic IT training
Basic IT
Health and Fitness
Training First Aid
Alternative Medicine
IT Management

Programa académico

Lesson Structure: Health & Well-Being VRE102

There are 8 lessons:

Industry Overview
Scope of the health and fitness industries
Defining fitness
Resources and networking
Aerobic fitness
Modern Lifestyle Problems
Health risks and physical activity
Hazardous substances
Food allergies
Health care strategy for an aging population
Wellbeing of special demographic groups: pregnant women, children, obese people, people with disabilities etc
Human Nutrition
Nutrition basics
Carbohydrates, proteins, fats
Dietary fibre, vitamins, mineralsBalanced diet
The food pyramid
Principles of weight loss
Dietary protein intake and physical activity
Food combining
Healthy Eating
Nutrition and diet problems
Nutritive value with cooking and processing
Plant foods
Processing food
Canning and pasteurisation
Freezing, drying, etc
Stress Management
Body changes caused by stress
Muscle response
Gastrointestinal response
Cardiovascular response
Stress management program
Easy living
Stress cures
Drugs and alcohol
Preventative Health
Responsibility for your own health
Self esteem
Managing your own career
Decision making
Emotional security
Problem solving
Personal style inventory
Motivations and barriers for exercise
Alternative Medicine
Herbal medicines
Complimentary therapies
Pain points; trigger points
Counselling and psychological therapies
Relaxation therapies
Other therapies
Basic First Aid
Soft tissue injuriesWounds
Shock and fainting
Strains, sprains and dislocations
Heat and cold
Eye injuries
Spinal injuries
Health promotion at work

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the academy and marked by your tutor and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.
Learning Goals: Health & Well-Being VRE102

Describe the nature and scope of the Health and Fitness Industry
Discuss a range of modern lifestyle problems
Describe nutritional requirements for a well balanced diet
Determine appropriate dietary requirements for different demographic groups.
Describe stress management strategies for different people.
Outline basic preventative strategies and how they can be implemented
Evaluate the usefulness of alternative medical practices in treating and preventing illness.
Recommend first aid practices appropriate to a range of problems.


This course aims to develop an understanding of health and wellbeing that can be applied to design a personal fitness program. Below is a list of some activities and tasks that you will complete in this course:
Create a resource file of health and fitness related businesses, contacts, services etc.
Interview people to learn how they rate their health and fitness and what they do to improve/maintain them.
Identify ways to overcome a health/fitness problem in your own life.
Identify different food allergies and ways to deal with them.
Identify eating and nutritional disorders and describe possible treatments.
Explain how age, level of activity, gender and other factors affect their dietary needs.
Explain the principle of food combining.
List the effects of alcohol abuse.
Explain how high self esteem is achieved, and consider positive and negative effects.
Identify services in your area that offer natural therapies and what they entail.
Find out what first aid courses are available in your region, and what is entailed.
List items that should be kept in a basic first aid kit.
Describe the procedure for dealing with a broken bone.

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Fitness Leader, Dietician, Health Instructor