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IBM-WB733G - Process Modeling and Implementation with IBM Business Process Manager (BPM)

Netec Colombia
En Bogotá y Medellín

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Tipología Curso
Inicio En 2 sedes
Horas lectivas 35 horas lectivas
Duración 5 Días
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  • Curso
  • En 2 sedes
  • 35 horas lectivas
  • Duración:
    5 Días
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This course is also available as self-paced virtual (e-learning) course Process Modeling and Implementation with IBM Business Process Manager (ZB733G). This option does not require any travel.

This course teaches core process modeling skills, project development methodology, implementation fundamentals, and delivery best practice patterns that improve the speed and quality of process definition and implementation efforts.

In this course, you will use the Process Designer component of IBM Business Process Manager to create a business process definition (BPD) from business requirements that are identified during process analysis. You will learn how to work within the parameters of the business process management (BPM) life cycle methodology to maximize the functionality of IBM Business Process Manager and project development best practices. These practices include meeting the target playback goal and validating model functionality.

The course begins with an overview of BPM and process modeling. You will learn how to make team collaboration more efficient by enabling all team members to use standard process model elements and notation, which makes expressing and interpreting business requirements consistent throughout the BPM life cycle. The course also teaches you how to build an agile and flexible shared process model that can be understood by key business stakeholders, implemented by developers, and adjusted to accommodate process changes.


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carrera 13, Bogotá, Colombia
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carrera 43 , Antioquia, Colombia
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Inicio A definir
carrera 13, Bogotá, Colombia
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Inicio A definir
carrera 43 , Antioquia, Colombia
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Modeling Course introduction Getting started Introducing IBM Business Process Manager and Process Designer Creating a process model Process flow Playback zero: Validating the process model Intermediate timer events Implementation Introduction and prolog IBM Business Process Manager architecture IBM Business Process Manager overview: Toolkits overview Playback 1: Managing variables and data flow Playback 1: Implementing timer events Playback 1: Implementing gateways Playback 1: Routing tasks Playback 1: Validating process flow Playback 2: Creating a data model Playback 2: Building services Playback 2: Building Coaches Playback 2: Implementing services in a BPD Playback 2: Validating Coach data flow Playback 2: Creating a snapshot for deployment Playback 3: Creating a decision service Playback 3: Implementing message events Playback 3: Applying asset tagging Playback 3: Accessing and manipulating external data Playback 3: Validating rules, message events, and integrations Playback 4: Enhancing Coaches Playback 4: Using managed files Playback 4: Validating the user experience Playback 5: Hardening a process Playback 5: Validating error handling Course summary The course continues with the implementation of the process model, providing an overview of the architecture of IBM Business Process Manager and describing the use of process applications and toolkits within the tool. You will create variables, implement gateways, and enable swim lanes to demonstrate process flow on their diagrams. You will also build customized Web 2.0 user interfaces (Coaches) to enable business and process data flow throughout a process model. The course emphasizes the concepts of reuse, ease of maintenance, and using best practices. This course is designed for users who have purchased any of the IBM Business Process Manager software packages, including basic, standard, and advanced. The course uses an interactive learning environment, with hands-on demonstrations, class activities to reinforce concepts and check understanding, and labs that enable hands-on experience with BPM tasks and skills. This course is designed to be collaborative, and you can work in teams to perform class activities.

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