Java Programming - The Basics Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 9.8 Hours (112 lessons)
• Instructor: Mike McMillan
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


In this video training course on Programming with Java for Beginners, expert author and professor Mike McMillan starts you along the path to enlightenment with Java, by introducing you to the basic concepts, tools and functions that you will need to build fully functional programs with the popular programming language, Java.

Starting with the download and installation of the JDK (Java Development Kit), this video tutorial will teach you the different typs of variables (bool, int, etc), what an operator is and how to use it (+,-,%,etc). You will learn about object-oriented programming, and creating classes and objects.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Java Programming
Arithmetic Operations
Data Types

Programa académico


What This Course Covers And What You Need

Biographical Information On The Java Tutor

Getting Started

Downloading And Installing The JDK

Overview Of The JDK

Writing Your First Java Program - Hello, World!

Entering The Program

Compiling And Running The Program

Correcting Errors

Exercise - Modifying The Hello, World! Program

Java Building Blocks - Data Types And Variables

Introduction To Data Types

Data Types - int, double

Data Types Continued - string, char, And bool

Variable Naming Rules

Declaring Variables

Assigning Data To Variables

Exercise - Saying Hello To Others

Introduction To Classes And Objects

Classes And Objects

Class Data Members

Creating Constructors

toString Method, Creating Class Objects

Accessor Methods

Exercise - A Simple Class

Arithmetic Operators And Expressions

The Standard Java Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic Operator Order Of Operations

Final Variables

Math Class

Mixing Arithmetic Data Types

Exercise 1 - Translating A Formula To Java Code

Java Input And Output

Writing Special Characters - Newlines And Tabs

Formatted Output With printf

Using The Scanner To Input Numbers

Using The Scanner To Input Strings

Exercise - A Simple Question And Answer Program

Making Decisions

Relational Operators

Logical Operators

Simple if-else Statement

Nested if-else Statements

The if-else if Statement - Lesson 1

The if-else if statement - Lesson 2

Exercise 1 - A Question And Answer Program

Exercise 2 - A Calculator Program

Performing Repetition

The while Loop - Introduction

Count-controlled while Loops

Condition-controlled while Loops

Results-controlled while Loops

The for Loop - Lesson 1

The for loop - Lesson 2

break and continue

Exercise 1 - Looping q And a

Exercise 2 - Looping Calculator

Exercise 3 - for Loop Exercise


Defining A Method - Lesson 1

Defining A Method - Lesson 2

Methods With Multiple Parameters

Predicate Methods

Void Methods

Pass By Value

Exercise 1 - Three Example Methods

Exercise 2 - Adding Methods To The Calculator Program


ArrayList Introduction

Declaring And Initializing An ArrayList

Adding Data To An ArrayList

Accessing ArrayList Elements

Passing ArrayLists As Method Arguments

Generating Random Numbers

Searching An ArrayList

Sorting An ArrayList

Exercise 1 - Using An ArrayList To Find Palindromes

Exercise 2 - Finding The Maximum Value

Classes And Object-Oriented Programming

Private Data Members

More On Constructors

Displaying Class Data, toString

Set And Get Methods

Increment Method For Time Class

Exercise 1 - Building An Object-Oriented Calculator

Exercise 2 - Extending Time Class


Introduction To Inheritance

Overriding Methods

Protected Members

The Object Class

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


Introduction To Polymorphism - Lesson 1

Introduction To Polymorphism - Lesson 2

Polymorphism Example

Working With Abstract Classes

Working With Interfaces

Exercise 1


Declaring An Array

Accessing Array Elements

Passing Arrays As Function Arguments

Two-Dimensional Arrays - Lesson 1

Two-Dimensional Arrays - Lesson 2

Exercise 1 - Using Array Elements As Counters

Exercise 2 - Displaying Bar Charts Using Array

Exercise 3 - Creating A Deck Of Playing Cards

Additional Java Control Flow Constructs

The switch Statement - Lesson 1

The switch Statement - Lesson 2

The do-while Loop - Lesson 1

The do-while Loop - Lesson 2

The for-each Loop - Lesson 3

The for-each Loop - Lesson 4

Exercise 1 - Rewriting An if-else if Statement Using a switch Statement

Exercise 2 - Rewriting A while Loop with a do-while Loop

Exercise 3 - Using A for-each Loop With ArrayLists

File Processing

try-catch Statement

Writing Data To A File

Reading Data From A File

Appending Data To A File

Writing Characters To A File

Reading Characters From A File

Exercise 1 - Creating A To-Do List

Exercise 2 - To-Do List Continued

Exercise 3 - To-Do List Continued

Course Wrap Up