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The entire concept of leadership is changing. In this course you will explore leadership shifts and learn five concepts that will expand the performance of any leader. Using bridge-building as a metaphor, LearnKey expert Joel Barker teaches us that, more than anything else, the 21st century leader will build bridges.bridges of hope, ideas, and opportunities. Bridges that help us move from where we are to where we need to be.


You will be motivated to develop forward-thinking leadership strategies.
You will develop leadership strategies that will enable you to successfully lead your organization into the future.
You will have the confidence to seize new opportunities and enjoy success.

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Programa académico

Section A: Leadershift
Definition of a Leader

Section B: Lesson 1
Focus on the Future

Section C: Lesson 2
The Nature of Fundamental Change

Section D: Lesson 3
Appreciate Complex Systems

Section E: Lesson 4
Leadership Style Affects Productivity

Section F: Lesson 5
Creating a Shared Vision

Section G: Conclusion