Master in International Law, Foreing Trade & International Relations LL.M.

ISDE - Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía
En Madrid (España)

23.000 € - ($ 72.395.342)
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  • Master
  • Madrid (España)
  • 1500 horas lectivas

Objetivo del curso: The Master in International Law LL.M. was born with a clear objective: to transmit a mechanism of legal reasoning and consequently, a preparation in legal practice in all the subjects, with the aim to gradually aspire to the specialization. The student will also be instructed in international relations and foreign trade, necessary nowadays with the actual worldwide economic system.
Dirigido a: This Master has been developed for recent graduates in Law, lawyers who want to improve their law knowledge and practice in an increasing global economy scenario and other persons with interest in developing their career in the International Law framework.

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Requisitos: This Master has been developed for recent graduates in Law, lawyers who want to improve their law knowledge and practice in an increasing global economy scenario and other persons with interest in developing their career in the International Law framework.

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Dónde se imparte y en qué fechas

Inicio Ubicación

Calle Recoletos nº 6, 28001, Madrid, España
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Economía pública
Negocios internacionales
Derecho internacional privado
Economía internacional
Derecho de extranjería
Conflictos internacionales
Derechos humanos
Derecho privado
Derecho de familia
Derecho marítimo
Derecho consular
Derecho internacional maritimo
Negocio maritimo

Programa académico

Commercial law
·         international contracts.
·         bankruptcy law.
·         banking contracts and international financing. International methods of payment.
·         introduction to international stock-market agreements of negotiable values.
·         international trade law. Joint ventures.
·         intellectual property law. E-commerce law.
·         competition law.
·         international insurance contracts.
 company law
·         corporation law and corporate governance.
·         company's directors: duties and liabilities.
·         m & a transactions: mergers and acquisitions
·         listed companies: takeovers.
·         corporate real estate.
 international tax law
·         transfer pricing. International tax planning. Eu tax law.
·         international double taxation.
·         the oecd and un model tax treaties.
 employment law
·         european employment law.
·         immigration.
·         international hiring.
 public international law
·         the international regulatory framework of law. The treaty legal framework. Integration of international rules in the governmental regulatory framework. Application and interpretation of international rules.
·         governmental influence: maritime law. Air space and transport.
·         energy law.
·         environmental law.   international protection.
·         telecommunications law.
 resolution of disputes: litigation and adrs
·         international judicial process and assistance. Enforcement of foreign judicial procedures.
·         alternative dispute resolution.
·         international commercial arbitration. Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.
·         mediation. Conciliation and other adrs.
Criminal law
·         economic, financial and business criminal law.
·         international criminal law: war crimes and crimes against humanity.
 international family law
·         international human rights rules referred to families and family life as well as private international law rules that affect families.
·         marriage, separation and divorce, child custody and adoption.
·         inheritance law.
 international relations
·         society and international community.
·         theory of the international relations.
·         international cooperation for development.
·         international contemporary conflicts.
·         international cooperation: united nations operating system.
·         foreign politics. International protocol. -
·         governmental bodies for foreign policy and international relations. Diplomacy.   consular affairs.
Foreign trade
·         foreign trade law.
·         international economy and foreign affairs. (universal economic organization. General agreement on tariffs and trade (gaat). Anti- gatt reactions: the united nations conference on trade and development (unctad) and the united nations industrial development organization (onudi). The omc. Dispute settlement.
  parallel areas of knowledge
·         etiquette and protocol
·         speech class
·         negotiation
·         management and leadership skills
·         business development
·         legal marketing. -
·         workshop and practical classes in firms
·         legal english
·         legal american
  location & timetable
the ll. M. In international law is developed in two phases:
the first phase takes place in in our academic headquarters in madrid. The students are obliged to attend class everyday between 9. 30 and 14. 15h am plus the additional classes that can take place during the afternoons. In the afternoons, the students shall take practical cases and exams related to the classes they have each week. Furthermore, the students will visit once a week different departments of the top law firms in spain and other institutions and companies. This legal offices and institutions are partners to isde.
the second phase takes place in the law firms, institutions or companies that collaborate in teaching the programme in the first phase. Isde collaborates and works closely to institutions in the following countries: spain, portugal, france, italy, uk, switzerland, norway, sweden, belgium, germany, austria, netherlands, poland, canada, usa, argentina, chile, brazil, panama, peru, mexico, costa rica, etc.
the criterion used to appoint the institution that will receive the student consists in a detailed case by case analysis of the academic performance of the student, his own personal profile, and the previous acceptation receiving institution of that particular student.

Información adicional

Prácticas en empresa: In order to practice law with enough guarantees, it is necessary for the lawyer to acquire practice knowledge and the correct application of it.