Master's Program in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Universidad ICESI
En Cali

$ 6.310.000
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You will be in a better position to comply with Law 115 of 1994, and the National Bilingualism Plan 2004 – 2019, decreed by the National Ministry of Education,the aim of which is for students at all levels of education to possess good English communication skills. Through advanced theoretical and practical training, you will become a more critical and self-critical teacher, as well as more innovative and creative of in the implementation and use of a variety of processes and techniques used in the English classroom. You will be better prepared to interpret the problems and needs of your students as individuals, groups and communities in learning English as a foreign language. Upon completion of your master's program, you will be able to design policies and programs for the teaching of English. Being aware of what is involved in the teaching of English as a foreign language, you will become a natural leader for processes of its improvement in your institution through teamwork with your colleagues.

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Para realizar este curso debes tener alguno de estos niveles de estudios: Licenciatura, Maestría, Doctorado


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Calle 18 No. 122-135, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
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Calle 18 No. 122-135, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
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Advanced English
Filología inglesa
Gramática inglesa
Idioma inglés
Inglés Comercial
Inglés avanzado
Inglés escrito
e Learning

Programa académico

Theoretical and Conceptual Fundamentals

Language as meaning and sense generation

Psychological and sociological foundations of learning English L2/FL

Ethics and citizenship

Curriculum, cognition, learning and evaluation

Discourse/text construction and analysis

Individual and group learning factors

English Didactics and Pedagogy

Approaches to the teaching and learning of English L2/FL

Seminar/workshop: Teaching and learning of English L2/FL: Oral interaction

Seminar/workshop: Teaching and learning of English L2/FL II: Written interaction

Seminar/workshop: Teaching and learning of English L2/FL III: Evaluation

Seminar/workshop: Teaching and learning of English L2/FL IV: Designing, adapting and evaluating materials, resources and educational experiences.

Information and communication technologies in the teaching of English

Applied Linguistics

English Grammar

English Phonetics

Error analysis of learners’ English

Methodology and Research

Classroom research methods: Master’s report I

Master’s report II

Elective Courses

Elective I

Elective II

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