Mudbox 2012 Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 9.5 Hours (79 lessons)
• Instructor: Brian Mennenoh
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


Start to get to grips with this powerful digital sculpting tool and gain an in-depth knowledge of the complete sculpting process for a 3D model with the help of these practical Autodesk Mudbox 2012 tutorial videos.

Commencing with the absolute basics, expert tutor Brian Mennenoh uses step-by-step video training videos to help explain and demonstrate the complete toolset, the innovative new features for release 2012 and some workflow techniques that will help you to work faster and smarter.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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3D Modelling
Sculpting techniques
Body Textures
Gloss and Reflections

Programa académico

Introduction And Project Overview


Using The Project Files

Intro To Mudbox


Mouse Nav

Tablet Pen Nav

Mudbox Meshes

Sculpting Basics

Sculpt Layers

Painting Basics

More Paint Tools

Using Mudbox To Sculpt The Model

Sending To Mudbox

Blocking Upper Body Masses

Blocking Arms

Abs And Lower Back

Blocking Thigh

Calf And Shin Blocking

Feet Blocking

Adjusting The Face

Refining The Chest And Deltoid

Refining The Back

Refining Upper Arm

Refining Forearm

Refining The Palm

Refining The Thumb

Refining The Back Of Hand

Refining The Thigh

Refining The Hamstrings

Refining The Calf And Shin

Refining The Gauntlets With Curves And Steady Stroke

Using Mudbox To Paint The Model

Painting The Base Color

Adding New Paint Layers

Adding Color Variation

More Color Variation

Painting The Gauntlets

Adding Specular Highlights

Adding Gloss And Reflection Masks

Fine Tuning Materials

Mudbox For The Accessories

Importing New Objects

Sculpting And Painting The Loin Cloth

Fitting The Boot

Sculpting The Boot

Painting The Boot

Painting The Buckle

Importing And Starting The Sword

Adding Details To The Sword

More Sword Details

Painting The Sword Grip

Painting The Sword Metals

Finishing The Sword

Using Mudbox For Hair

Importing The Hair And Starting Sculpting

Sculpting The Hair

Painting The Hair

Finalizing The Hair

The Eye

Importing And Sculpting The Eye

Painting The Whites Of The Eye

Painting The Iris

Painting The Rim Of The Iris

Extracting Normals From Eye

Posing In Mudbox

Posing In Mudbox

Fine Tuning

Fine Tuning The Face

Fine Tuning Around The Eyes

Fine Tuning Cheeks

Fine Tuning Lips

Adding Pores And Texture

Fine Tuning Eyebrows And Lips

Fine Tuning Hands

Adding Nipples And A Belly Button

Fine Tuning The Wrinkles

Adding Vascularity

Sending The Mesh Back To 3ds Max

Extracting Normal Maps

Exporting Obj Files

Exporting Fbx Files

Using The Send To Button

Correcting The Boots In 3ds Max

Importing Obj Into Max And Applying Materials

Importing Fbx Objects Into Max

Render And Mesh Comparisons

About The Mudbox Tutor

About The Mudbox Tutor