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The New Business of Paradigms Online Course (12 months Access)

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You can choose to change your paradigm. Transforming your outlook about change is highly effective in creating success and new opportunities. In The New Business of Paradigms Training Course, LearnKey expert Joel Barker delivers an important message about identifying, embracing and acting on change. This training course gives past and present examples of paradigm shifts, and shows how you can choose to change your paradigm.


Create successful outcomes with new opportunities.

Develop the power to identify and act upon change.

Change paradigms that no longer serve their purpose.


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Key Concepts and Observations

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Session 1

Section A: What Are Paradigms?
  •  Introduction
 •  Paradigm Definition
 •  Paradigm Example

Section B: Paradigms in the Real World
 •  Product Paradigms
 •  Scientific Paradigms
 •  Business Model Paradigms

Section C: Paradigm Shifts
 •  Back to Zero

Section D: Key Concepts and Observations
 •  Paradigms are Common
 •  Paradigms are Useful
 •  Paradigm Paralysis
 •  Paradigm Pioneers
 •  Courage of Early Adopters
 •  Paradigm Change
 •  Final Thoughts