Oracle Solaris 11 Network Administration

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Are you a system or network administrator willing to work with secure and high available networks? Undertake this course offered by BusinessMind Colombia and learn how to configure and administer your network in Oracle Solaris 11.

The programme course, which has been published in, covers a wide range of topics including the foundations of networking, how to virtualize networks and configure several services and high availability. Students will also know how to secure the network, manage its resources, solve real problems and the mechanisms for information exchange.

The course lasts five days and takes place in BusinessMind venues. The learning process consists of a combination of lectures and practical exercises, and teachers are experienced Oracle instructors. Don’t miss out this great opportunity to discover the next generation of network technologies in a high specialized training centre.

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Inicio Ubicación
Cra 45A #93-77 / La Castellana, 7721, Bogotá, Colombia
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Cra 52 #14-30 CEOH-Centro Empresarial Olaya Herrera, Local 202, Antioquia, Colombia
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LAN components
The TCO/IP model
Features of Oracle Solaris 11
Private Virtual Networks
Internal Virtual Networks
How to configure a virtual network
IP failover
Link aggregation
Domain names
IP filters
Network security
Diagnostic tools to solve networking issues
Network providers
Configuring access protocols
Configuring dynamic host protocols
IP failovers
How to configure high availability
Oracle Solaris 11 network administration

Programa académico

Networking Fundamentals

Introduction to the TCP/IP Model

LAN and its Components

Network Stack

Networking Features in Oracle Solaris 11

Configuring a Virtual Network

Profile-based Network Configuration

Overview of a Physical Network

Overview of VLAN

Internal Virtual Network

Private Virtual Network

Configuring High Availability

High Availability

IPMP for IP failover

Link Aggregations

Integrated Load Balancer

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Configuring Services

Domain Name System

Light Weight Directory Access Protocol

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol


Managing Network Resources

Network Resource Management

Network Resources for Optimum Utilization

Monitor Network Traffic

Securing the Network

Link Protection

IP Filter

Troubleshooting Networking Issues

Diagnostic Tools

DTrace Network Providers

Information Exchange Mechanisms

Link Layer Discovery Protocol

Data Center Bridging

Edge Virtual Bridging

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