Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD
• Duration: 13.5 Hours (230 lessons)
• Instructor: Andy Anderson
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


This Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial DVD is narrated by Adobe expert Andy Anderson and takes you through learning the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CS5 using easy to follow practical examples.

Starting with the basics, you will learn how to setup your work environment, open files, and perform various editing functions that Photoshop has to offer. Beyond the standard functions that Andy will instruct you on, he also covers, in some depth, color correction, layers, levels, Adobe Bridge, blending, masks, alpha channels, and much much more. Andy's witty instructional style will keep you interested and entertained throughout the whole of this training course on Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Adobe Bridge

Programa académico

Introductions Are In Order

Say Hello To Andy

Andys Ten

Taking A Spin Around The Interface

The Macintosh Windows Connection

Photoshop And The Raster Format

Bit Depth And Image Information

Whats Coming Next

Getting Ready To Work

Chapter Intro

Getting Started

Setting Essential Preferences

Setting Color Preferences

Adjusting Menu Options

Setting Keyboard Shortcuts

Organizing Palettes Final

Saving Workspaces

Working With Screen Modes

What We Covered

Working With Photoshop Images

Chapter Intro

Opening A Graphic

Three's A Crowd

Adding File Information

Tiling And Scrolling

Using The Zoom Tool

The Navigation Palette

Using The Scroll Wheel To Zoom

Images Conclusion

The Amazing Bridge

Chapter Intro

The Amazing Bridge

Organizing Bridge Workspaces

Manipulating Thumbnails

Creating Favorites

Rotating Rating And Labels

Keywords And Collections

Working With Keywords

Manipulating Images

Viewing Images With The Loupe

Creating Metadata Templates

Quicktips Working With Stacks-Bridge

Quicktips Locating Forgotten Files-Bridge

Quicktips Using Photoshop Tools In Bridge

Quicktips Locating Potential Favorites

Cropping And Straightening

Chapter Intro

Working With The Cropping Tool Andrew

Generating A Non-Destructive Crop

Using Crop & Straighten

Using The Ruler Tool To Straighten An Image

Using The Crop Tool With Perspective

Cropping Conclusion


Chapter Intro

Selection 101

Softening Selections With Anti Aliasing

Working With The Marquee Tools

Working With Magic Wand And Quick Selection

Using Grow, Similar, And Inverse

Using Quick Selection Techniques

Using The Lasso Tools

Using Refine Edge

Saving Selections

Selection Conclusion

Working With Photoshop Text

Chapter Intro

Photoshop Text 101

When To Rasterize A Text Layer

Generating & Controlling Area Text

Using The Warp Text Option

Placing Text On A Vector Path

Generating Wire Text

Creating Folded Text

Beveled Text, With A Twist

Photoshop Text Conclusion

Working With Photoshop Brush Tools

Chapter Intro

Photoshop Brushes & Beyond

The Color Replacement Brush Tool

The Mixer Brush Tool

Creating Customized Brushes

The History Brush

Working With History Snapshots


Chapter Intro

The Amazing Layers Panel

Proper Layer Alignment

Organizing Layers Into Groups

Understanding Backgrounds And Layers

Working Through Layer Options

Layers And Stacking Order

Merging Layers

Creating A Non-Destructive Vignette

Layers Conclusion

Layer Opacity And Blend Modes

Chapter Intro

Blending Modes 101

Opacity Versus Fill

Normal Blending Modes

Darken Blending Modes

Lighten Blending Modes

Light Blending Modes

Invert Blending Modes

Color Blending Modes

Using Brush Tool Blending Modes

Blending Modes Conclusion

Working With Adjustment Layers

Chapter Intro

Basics Of Adjustment Layer

Controlling Image Quality

Working With Adjustment Layer Clipping Groups

Using Adjustment Layer Masks

Sharing Adjustment Layers

Using Gradients With Adjustment Layer Masks

Adjustment Levels Conclusion

Layer Styles

Chapter Intro

Layer Styles 101

Generating A Drop Shadow Layer Style

Creating A Layer Style Neon Sign

Working With Bevel And Emboss

Creating A Layer Style Glass Button

Saving Customized Layer Styles

Masks And Alpha Channels

Chapter Intro

Masking 101

Alpha Channels And Layer Masks

Working With Edge Detection

Using Masks For Exotic Borders

Using Gradients With Masks

Using Masks For Vignettes

Photoshop Filters

Chapter Intro

The Photoshop Filter Gallery

Working With Smart Layers

Artistic Filters & Fade Blending Mode

Blur Filters, Blending Modes, & Alpha Channels

Brush Stroke Filters & Custom Borders

Distort Filters, & Displacement Maps

Noise Filters, Photo Enhancement & Brush Metal

Pixelate Filters, & Custom Backgrounds

Render Filter, Artificial Fog, & Lens Flairs

Sharpen Filters & Layer Masks

Stylize Filters & Blending Modes

Texture Filters

Other Filter-Antiquing And Customized Filters

Image Size And Resolution

Chapter Intro

Resolution 101

Working With The Image Size Command

Defining Image Interpolation

Working With Resampling

The Ten Percent Rule

Replacing - Retouching - Editing

Chapter Intro

Controlling Red Eye

Replacing Image Color

Whitening Teeth

Using The Healing Brush Tool

Working With The Spot Healing Brush

Correcting Large Defects With The Patch Tool

Basic Color Theory

Chapter Intro

Photoshop Color Settings

Manual Monitor Calibration

Spyder Monitor Calibration

Creating A Neutral Workspace

Adjusting Color Using Color Balance

Fixing A Pesky Color Cast

Use Fade Image, And Adjustment Layers

Tinting With Hue & Saturation, And Layers

Controlling Colors With Hue & Saturation

Color Correction

Chapter Intro

Color Correction With A Grayscale Wedge

The Grayscale Trick Revealed

Manual Color Correction With Levels

A Peek At Color Correction With Curves

Color Correction By The Numbers

Color Correct Lesson Wrap Up


Chapter Intro

Working With Brightness & Contrast

Working With Luminance Blending

Working With Photoshop Auto Features

The Marvelous Histogram

Color Correction With Levels

A Peak At Using Curves

Working With Layer Comps

Using The Shadow Highlight Adjustment

Dodge And Burn

Chapter Intro

Working With Dodge And Burn

Applying Dodge, Burn, And Sponge

Advanced Dodge & Burn Techniques

Dodge & Burn Using A Gradient

Converting To Black And White

Chapter Intro

Converting Images To Grayscale

Grayscale Conversion Techniques

Dodge & Burn With Blending Modes

Aging An Image

Working With Camera Raw

Chapter Intro

Working Through Camera Raw Preferences

The Camera Raw Plugin

Determining Image White Point

Basic Camera Raw Image Adjustments

Image Sharpening & Noise Reduction

Dealing With Chromatic Aberrations

Applying Raw Settings To Multiple Images

Open Options In Camera Raw

Working With 16-Bit Raw Images In Photoshop

Understanding The DNG Format

Adjusting A Raw Image With Split Toning

Using The Amazing Raw Adjustment Brush

Controlling Exposure With The Graduated Filter

Aging An Image In The Raw Plug-In

Quicktips Removing Redeye In The Raw Plug-In

Quicktips Resetting Raw Preferences


Chapter Intro

Accessing Adjustment Layers

A Levels Primer

Correct Color And Tone

Working With Visible Clip Point

Working With Adjustment Layer Masks

Advanced Masking Techniques

Bringing Life To An Old Image

Levels Lesson Wrap Up

Working With Curves

Chapter Intro

Color Modes And Bit Depth

Understanding Curves

Basic Curves Color Adjustment

Basic Camera Raw Image Adjustments

Color Correction With Midtones

Adding Saturation With Lab Color

Adding Contrast And Applying A Mask

Actions And Batch Processing

Chapter Intro

Creating An Action

Applying An Action To An Image

Applying Actions To Multiple Images

Creating Droplets

Actions Wrap Up

Saving And Printing Photoshop Documents

Chapter Intro

Saving Photoshop Files Based On Intent

Soft Proofing A Photoshop Document

Using The Zoomify Command

Assigning A Profile To An Image

Saving Images For Monitor Display

Working With Save For Web & Devices

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tuition Wrap Up