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  The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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 •  Format: DVD or Instant Download
 •  Duration: 8.7 Hours (87 lessons)
 •  Instructor: Joe Godfrey
 •  Platform: Windows PC or Mac

Learn how to create, edit and share music tracks using this powerful audio production software with the help of these beginners Pro Tools 10 tutorial videos.

Commencing from the absolute basics, expert Pro Tools tutor Joe Godfrey uses step-by-step video training movies to help explain and demonstrate the important tools, the innovative new features, and some great workflow techniques that are sure to boost your skills and productivity.

Through almost nine hours of professionally created video training, the tuition includes a tour of the new interface, lessons on the editing tools, sound design explained, learning tracking instruments, working with video and so much more...

The complete training contents is listed below and you can start learning right away, click any of the blue linked lessons to sample FREE Pro Tools 10 video tutorials and discover how effective this teaching method is...

Benefits of this Software Training:
 •  Tuition by expert tutors.
 •  Narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques
        helping you to work faster and smarter.
 •  Learning is fast as the trainers guide you using simplistic terms and minimal jargon.
 •  Personal Tutoring - Step-by-step video training from your own desktop.
        Delivered via DVD/CD training or online tuition.
 •  The tutor transfers knowledge to you quickly and effectively.
 •  All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely.
 •  Course works on PC and Mac.
 •  Alternative to a boring book or manual and expensive training courses,
        seminars and amp; classes.
 •  Jump to and from lessons - learn at your own pace.
 •  The visual and practical nature shortens the learning curve compared to standard
        training manuals.


The following sections are available for free viewing. Click on the links below to get started.

Free Videos From This Course About This Title And Exercise Files Editing Tools Editing With Multiple Tracks Editing Two Music Tracks Setting Triggers In Beat Detective Adjusting Pitch Using Elastic Audio Comparing MIDI Tracks And Instrument Tracks Tracking Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar Parts In Eleven Percussion FX Using The Click Track Timing Music To SFX Tuning SFX To Match Pitch Automating Plugin Parameters About The Author

Intro To Pro Tools 10
Who Uses Pro Tools
About This Title And Exercise Files
What Is New In Pro Tools 10
Pro Tools 10 Installation
Pro Tools Hardware Options
Signal Flow And The IO
Digital Audio 101

Basic Editing In The Timeline
Creating A Blank Session
Importing Audio
Tracks And Window Layouts
Defining And Naming Clips
Editing Tools
Slip And Shuffle Modes
Timeline Ruler Options
Editing With Multiple Tracks

Customizing Pro Tools
File Structure
Options For Saving Sessions
Pro Tools Preferences
Window Layouts And Scrolling Options
Sorting In The Clip Bin
Clearing Unused Clips
Showing Hiding And Sorting Tracks
Track And Clip Colors And Diamond Lanes

Recording And Editing A Voice Track
Recording An Announcer Track
Setting Up A Cue
The ABC System
Choosing Takes With The Separation Grabber
Music In The Cue
Effects In The Cue
Editing The Performance
Time Compressing The Announcer
Using Pitch Shift On Announcers

Editing Music Tracks
Editing Library Music On The Grid
Editing Two Music Tracks
Fades And Crossfades
Retiming Library Music Tracks
Setting Triggers In Beat Detective
Separating Clips In Beat Detective

Elastic Audio
Elastic Audio - Narration Track
Elastic Audio - Sound Effect
Elastic Audio - Drum Loop
Adjusting Pitch Using Elastic Audio

Midi In Pro Tools
Connecting A MIDI Keyboard
Comparing MIDI Tracks And Instrument Tracks
XPand's Virtual Instrument Library
Adding Percussion With The Loop Tool
Adding A MIDI Bass Part
Adding Keys And The MIDI Editor
MIDI Event List And Quantizing
Customizing And Saving XPand Patches
Arranging With MIDI Instruments
Performance Transpositions In XPand
Saving Instrument Collections As Templates

Tracking Instruments
Tracking Acoustic Guitar
Arranging Using Grid Mode
Overdubbing A Bass Part Using Playlists
Electric Guitar Parts In Eleven
Percussion FX Using The Click Track
Half Speed Recording

Sound Design
The Concept Of Sound Design
Importing SFX And Setting A Phone EQ
Creative Use Of AudioSuite PlugIns For SFX
Identifying Sync Points
Timing Music To SFX
Timing SFX To Music
Tuning SFX To Match Pitch
Triggering SFX With MIDI Using Structure

Working With Video
Importing A Movie
Spotting The Movie
Setting The Tempo Of The Score
Building The Sound Palette
Using Spot Mode For Precise Placement
Building An Alternate Version In The Timeline
Bouncing The Movie

Mixing And Automation
The Philosophy Of Mixing
Groups And Other Tips - Lesson 1
Groups And Other Tips - Lesson 2
Groups And Other Tips - Lesson 3
EQ And Volume
Busses And Aux Faders
Customizing Mixing Templates
Printing Effects And Stems
Automation Write, Touch, Latch And Read
Automating Plugin Parameters

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