Rhino 4 Video Tutorial Course Bundle

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 17.5 Hours (170 lessons)
• Instructor: Brian DiNola
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


This bundle includes:
Learning Rhino 4 (Beginners Course) - 9.5 hrs / 83 Lessons
Learning Rhino 4 Advanced Techniques - 8 hrs / 87 Lessons

In this Rhino 4 training video, Expert author and designer Brian DiNola introduces you to this powerful 3D modeling software. This bundle contains the beginners course Learning Rhino 4, and the Advanced Rhino Techniques training course, which takes you even further towards mastering this incredible software.

Starting with the basics, Brian quickly gets you familiar with the Rhino 4 interface, and almost immediately brings you up to speed with applying what you are learning.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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NURBS Objects

Programa académico

Using The Rhino Interface

Three Ways To Command Rhino

Understanding And Manipulating 3D Viewports

Viewport Display Modes And More Viewport Manipulation

Object Selection

Working With Layers

Object Types

NURBS Curves

NURBS Surfaces And Rendering Meshes

Solids And Meshes

Basic Curves



Splitting And Joining Curves

Drafting - Exercise

Basic Transformations




Move And Copy

Rectangular Array

Polar Array - Exercise

3D Surfaces And Solids


Planar Surfaces

Splitting And Joining Surfaces

Revolve - Exercise


Fillet And Chamfer Solids

Advanced Curves

Geometric Continuity

Blend Curves


Curve from 2 Views

Constraints And Project To Cplane

Match And Offset

Project And Pull

Freeform 3D Surfaces


Loft - Exercise

Rail Revolve



Sweep2 - Exercise

Curve Network Surface

Curve Network Surface - Exercise

Blend Surface

Offset Surface

Blend Surface - Exercise


Helix And Pipe

Advanced Transformations

Orient 2 And 3 Points

Orient On Curve

Orient On Surface

Orienting - Exercise

Array Along Curve

Array Along Surface

Array Along Curve On Surface

UV Curves

Twist, Bend, Taper

Rhinoceros History

Flow Along Curve

Flow Along Surface

Cage Edit


Manufacturing And Analysis

Measuring, Sectioning, And Clipping Plane

Mass Properties And Draft Angle

Make 2D And Dimensioning

Printing in version 4.0

Meshing For Rapid Prototyping

Rhino Render

Modeling Tutorial - Wheel

Outer Rim And Tire Curves

Outer Rim And Tire Surfaces

Inner Rim Curves

Inner Rim Surfaces

Rhinoceros Tread

Modeling Tutorial - Ring

Head Curves

Head Surfaces

Shank Curves

Shank Surfaces

Modeling Tutorial - Toothbrush

Handle Curves

Handle Surface

Bristles And Transformations

Modeling Tutorial - Faucet

Base Plate Curves

Base Plate Surfaces

Spout Curves And Surfaces

Handle Base Curves And Surfaces

Handle Curves And Surfaces

Drain Pull And Markings

About The Tutor

About Rhino Tutor Brian DiNola

Learning Rhino 4 Advanced Techniques

Solid Modeling


Move Edges

Scale And Rotate Edges

Move Faces

Rotate, Shear, And Fold Faces

Merging And Splitting Faces

Making And Placing Holes

Round And Revolved Holes

Hole Arrays

Hole Editing


Boss, Rib, And Slab

Solids Exercise - Curves Layout

Solids Exercise - Solids

Object Handling And Visibility

Hiding And Locking


Selecting Objects

Undo And Redo

Align And Set Point

Modeling Tutorial - Bottle

Project - Bottle - Reference Image Layout

Project - Bottle - Curve Layout

Project - Bottle - Curve Adjustment

Project - Bottle - Surfacing

Project - Bottle - Adding Thickness

Project - Bottle - Cap

The Cplane

World Coordinates And The Cplane

Setting View And Cplane

Saved Cplanes And Mplane

Remap And Project To Cplane

Named Position

Mesh Tools

Mesh Offset

NURBS And Mesh Heightfield

Extract And Apply Mesh

Join, Split Disjoint, Weld, And Unweld

Mesh Exercise - Mesh Repair

Mesh Exercise - Textured Ring

Model Prints And Options


Dimensioning Options

Customize Viewport

Page View

Modeling Tutorial - Ring

Project - Ring - Cross-section Setup

Project - Ring - Surfacing With History

Project - Ring - Stacking History - Lesson 1

Project - Ring - Stacking History - Lesson 2

Project - Ring - Stacking History - Lesson 3


Defining Blocks

Redefining Blocks

Inserting Blocks

Inserting External Files

Linked File Block Update

Modeling Tutorial - Boat Hull

Project - Boat Hull - Top Curve Layout

Project - Boat Hull - Side Curve Layout

Project - Boat Hull - Hull Curves

Project - Boat Hull - Hull Surfacing

Command Scripting

Introduction To Command Scripting

Command Scripting Syntax

Command Scripts With User Input

Command Scripting Exercise

Keyboard And Aliases

Toolbars And Buttons

Selection Method


What Is RhinoScript

Monkey Editor in Rhino 4.0

A Sample RhinoScript

VBScript Programming



Conditions - If/Then

Conditions - Select

Looping - Do

Looping - For/Next

Arrays - Basic

Arrays - Advanced

Looping Arrays


RhinoScript Methods

Running RhinoScripts

RhinoScript Command

Selection Method

User Interface Method

Geometry Method

Layer Method

Polysurface Method - Lesson 1

Polysurface Method - Lesson 2

Polysurface Method - Lesson 3

Object Method - Lesson 1

Object Method - Lesson 2

Object Method - Lesson 3

About The Trainer

About the Rhino Tutor