Sustainable Agriculture

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Improve the sustainability of your farm. You will learn techniques and measures to move your farm towards greater sustainability. Increasing sustainability can be simple (for example changing what is farmed or how produce is marketed) or require more major changes in farm management practices. Gain useful and practical knowledge to improve sustainability in this comprehensive online course.

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Organic Farming
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Lesson Structure: Sustainable Agriculture BAG215

There are 8 lessons:

Sustainable ways of farming
Whole farm planning
Land Management programs
Sustainable ways of farming
Natural farming
Organic farming
No Dig techniques
Growing media
Major types of soil problems
Soil structural decline
Soil improvements
Adding organic matter to soils
Cultivation techniques
Conservation tillage
Plant nutrition
Soil life
Cover crops
Types of water storage
Livestock water requirements
Water problems
Water quality
Reed beds
Water saving measures
Swales and Keylines
Irrigation systems
Land Care
Weed Management
Preventative measures
Tree management
Timber lots/plantations
Wind breaks
Wildlife corridors
Wildlife habitats
Pest and diseases
Financial Sustainability
Economic principles
Developing a Farm Business Plan
Financial plan
Controlling growth
Value adding
Enterprise mix
Broad Management Strategies
Toward better planning
Land care or land management
New enterprises
Broad management categories
Personal welfare
Plan drawing of farm
Looking at risk
Quality systems
Plant Enterprises
Crop management
Hydroponic fodder
Considering new crops
Organic farming
Animal Enterprises
Wool and meat production
Learning Goals: Sustainable Agriculture BAG215

Explain the broad possibilities for improving sustainability on farms.
Explain how to avoid serious degradation of soils on a farm through sustainable management.
Explain the broad possibilities for improving sustainability on farms.
Explain how to avoid too serious degradation of soils on a farm through water management.
Discuss Economic Rules that apply to a farm Enterprise.
Crop management techniques for sustainability.
Minimising degradation through planning and management.
Evaluate the financial viability and potential of animal enterprises.

Investigate what is being done for improving agricultural sustainability in your country or region.
Contact different organisations or farmers and find out what you can about attitudes & resources available to assist with improving sustainability in your chosen area/Country/region.
Investigate whether an organic certification scheme operates in your country, and if so, find out what is involved currently in attaining that certification for a farm.
Obtain either literature or advice relating to the management to soil degradation in your locality.
Identify the most important issues that farmers need to address in a region within approximately 100 km( or 50 miles )of your home; in order to remain financially viable over the next two decades
Distinguish between hydroponics, permaculture, biodynamics and certified organic farming.
Identify a farm situation where it might be appropriate to convert to either permaculture, biodynamics or certified organic system.
What is being done to improve sustainability of agriculture in the region, country or state of your choice.
Obtain information from your local government department or irrigation supply company. Find out what the local water quality is like and how it was measured.
Explain how you can test your local water supply for contaminants. What contaminants were found? eg. Bacteria, heavy metals, silt etc.
Outline how can these contaminants be removed from the local water supply eg filtration, chemicals, etc.
Identify cost effective means by which contamination can be prevented.
Identify types of water catchment in your local area. eg dams ,stream ,creeks ,etc.
Find out what types of conservation are being practiced in your local area.
Outline methods of pest control being practiced in your area
Describe methods of weed control used in your area.
Identify and describe any natural control methods being used in your area.
Research tourism activities are available in your local area.
Investigate planning and advisory services in your local area.
Investigate existing animal enterprises in your local area and the economic impact.
Today the pressure is on for more and more farmers to work towards sustainable systems of farming which produce healthy, nutritious, affordable food and a dependable, secure food supply -without producing a negative impact on the environment. Sustainable farms should protect the environment, preserve open spaces, forests and wildlife and also encourage and conserve biodiversity, plus provide the farmer and farm workers with a good living.

This course is aimed at those who want to help the world move towards the preservation of our natural resources and to maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Economic, commercial, marketing and production techniques are explored in a multi-facetted way to help move a farm towards improved sustainability.

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