Sustainable Development BSc (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
En Fort William (Escocia)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Fort william (Escocia)

This BSc (Hons) degree in sustainable development is the ideal course for you if you are interested in helping rural areas to develop  in a way that is sustainable and protects the environment on which our communities depend.

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15 septiembre 2016
Fort William
Carmichael Way, PH33 6FF, Highlands and Islands, Escocia
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IT Development

Programa académico

Year 1 - CertHE Core modules: Introduction to sustainable development Introduction to global environmental issues Climate, land and people Economics and the state Collection and interpretation of data Introduction to social policy Optional modules: Terrestrial environments Rural leadership The environment of mountain regions Overview of energy use Nature of health Year 3 - BSc Core modules: Globalisation and sustainable development Climate change Research skills project Sustainable tourism and the environment Sustainable fisheries, forestry and agriculture in the EU Literature review Optional modules: Rural health issues Energy in the built environment Promotion of diversity and equality Environmental planning in mountain regions Energy technology Public health issues Strategic environment monitoring Year 2 - DipHE Core modules: Economic development policy and theory Empowering communities Environmental conservation Urban - rural divide Local economic development and sustainability Introduction to GIS Optional modules: Social history of the Highlands and Islands Society and culture in mountain regions Renewable technology Principles and foundations of health promotion Year 4 - BSc (Hons) Core modules: Honours dissertation Sustainable energy and waste minimisation Social enterprise and the big society Geo-political development issues Biodiversity Optional modules: Planning, theory and practice Engaging with external agencies Project management for communities Wind power Deer management Comparative health studies Professional issues