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Video Editing - An Introduction Online Course (12 months Access)

CareerVision Training

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Video Editing 101 is an introductory course in digital video production. This training course will walk you through all of the steps to editing and distributing a high quality, professional looking digital video. Ryan will teach you how to use Adobe's industry leading tools like Adobe OnLocation, Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe Media Encoder to edit, produce, and distribute your projects.


 •  6 Hours of Interactive Training on 2 CDs
 •  In-depth training on Premiere Pro CS5 and its vast array of video editing tools
 •  Understand file management and how OnLocation fits into a well-managed
        post-production workflow
 •  Tips for creating a professional slideshow, interview, and action sequence


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Video Editing

Programa académico

Section A: Post-Production: Getting Started
Premiere Pro Welcome Page
Setting Up a Project
Scratch Disks
The Premiere Pro Interface
Customizing the Workspace
The Project Panel
Panels I
Panels II
Panels III
Panel Menu Options

Section B: Post-Production: File Management
Importing Media
Capture Settings
Tape Capture/Playback Controls
Logging Settings
Batch Capturing
Capture using Scene Detect
Capture Live using Premiere
Adobe OnLocation
Importing OL Media

Section C: Post-Production: Creating a Rough Cut
Trimming via Source Panel
Additional SP Controls
Media on the Timeline
Rough Cut
Manipulation of Clips
Audio/Video Only
Track Controls
Tools I
Work Bar/Markers
Nesting Sequences
Advanced Editing
Non-Destructive Editing
Tools II
Tools III
Trim Monitor

Section D: Post-Production: Titles, Transitions
Creating a Title
Using the Titler
Title Properties
Working with Transitions
Transitions with FX Controls

Section E: Post-Production: Effects
Working with Effects
Keyframe Animation
Temporal/Spatial Interpolation
Linear/Bezier Interpolation
Blend Modes
Pic-in-Pic/Bevel/Drop Shadow
3D Effects
Clip Speed/Duration
Effects on Multiple Sequences


Section A: Post-Production: Audio Editing
J and L Cuts
Foley Sounds
Adjusting Audio Levels
Background Track
Unnecessary Audio
Audio Mixer
Audio Channels/Sample Rate
Mixing Tracks with Transitions

Section B: Post-Production: Finalizing the Project
Export Settings/Format Options
Batch Exporting
Point/Paragraph Text
Color Bars/Tone
Universal Counting Leader
Export Frame
Export As Sequence

Section C: Lab 1: Creating a Slideshow
Importing Files
Organizing Images
Automate to Sequence
Copy and Paste
Music and Narration
Motion and Keyframes
Save Preset
Exporting Final Video
Slideshow Test

Section D: Lab 2: Creating an Interview
Shooting the Interview
Importing/Cutting the A-Roll
Adding Graphics/PSDs

Section E: Lab 3: Creating an Action Sequence
Writing the Script
Creating a Shot List
Import, Link, and Pre-cut
Import OL Project into Premiere
The Rough Cut
Color Correction
Audio/Video Rendering
Audio/Background Music
Copying Item Attributes
Nesting from Multiple Editors
Photoshop Files
Export Files