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Adobe InDesign is used by print, interactive, digital and eBook Designers to lend a professional and stylised look to their layouts and typesets. It also allows them to incorporate images and artwork into their designs and to create slideshows and interactive content which will take their publications to a higher level.

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Adobe is a world leader in the development of various types of web design, graphic design and authoring software. Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Digital Designers, System Integrators and Developers worldwide use Adobe Software. An Adobe certification will provide employers and clients with formal proof of your expertise in Adobe products.

Requisitos: There are no academic requirements to study this course.

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Design techniques
Creative Suite

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Adobe InDesign CS6 prepares you for the Adobe 9A0-306 exam. This Adobe course is perfect for professionals who work with Creative Suite applications.

Ideally suited to web design and graphic design professionals, the Adobe InDesign CS6 course will teach a wide array of skills including (but not limited to) graphics, laying out text, designing text and cross-media for onscreen and print documents. The Adobe InDesign CS6 course is perfect for Web Designers, Graphic Designer and Print Designers.

Adding the internationally recognised Adobe InDesign CS6 certification to your CV will advance your career and increase your employment and earning potentials with current, or future, employers.

What an online education can offer you:

• Unlike in a classroom, you can pause and rewind as often as you need to
• Study at your own pace - anywhere, anytime
• Studying is broken down into small ‘byte-sizes’ to improve memory retention
• Unlimited access to the courses and practice exams for 1 year
• Flexibility to choose which courses you want to study with our study bundles
• Also great for brushing up on skills and preparing for interviews
• Interactive E-Book
• Practice Questions with explanations
• Interactive Quizzes
• Test History
• Performance Review
• Powerful Analytics
• Full exam coverage
• Study Planner

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