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American Sign Language: Level 2

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International Open Academy
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If you’ve already completed our introductory course in American Sign Language, then this is the next step in your ASL education. This ASL Level 2 course is designed to continue your skill development in expressive signing. Building on previous knowledge of the ASL alphabet, facial expression, body language, syntax, and basic vocabulary, you’ll evolve your conversational fluency to tackle more sophisticated topics and sentence structure. Included in the course are vocabulary lessons, grammatical principles, and cultural concepts that students need to know to carry conversations in ASL at work, school, and a variety of social settings. The focus of this course is to prepare students for non-verbal interaction and communication with members of the deaf community, or in real world scenarios. You’ll learn useful vocabulary for ordering meals and asking directions, for example, and you’ll be able to hold meaningful conversations about various topics. But it’s not all serious – you’ll also learn how to tell jokes, use common expressions and sayings, and relay anecdotes to your audience. We’ll also focus on teaching you more about the deaf community, so you gain a better appreciation for deaf culture, activism, and learn how you can get involved.

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Nadine Tataryn
Lo mejor: In general, I found the course very explicative and the instructions provided help me to understand the subject clearly. Therefore, I learned fast and in a successful way. Now I feel more confident to communicate with someone from the community of deaf people although I should definitely have to keep practicing. Video material was excellent too.
A mejorar: Nothing.
Curso realizado: Julio 2015
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Anzel du Plessis
Lo mejor: I came across the course as I knew that I will have some students that have some hearing impairments.This course had helped me be a better teacher. Overall, the content was very informative and convenient, and any questions were answered really fast. I've learned a lot about the different educational needs my learners can have, and it has made me more aware of issues relating to my learners.
Curso realizado: Julio 2016
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Speech Therapy
Sign language
Signal processing
Speech Communication
Speech and Hearing
Language teaching for technical workers
Language-level tests
Sign language interpretation
Language teaching

Programa académico

Module 1: Self Expression
  • Introductions and identifiers
  • Asking questions and permission
  • Agreement and Disagreement
  • Making complaints, suggestions and requests
  • Expressing mood and feelings
  • Eye gazing and pointing
Module 2: People, Places, Things
  • Names of international locations
  • Vocabulary for indoor and outdoor locations
  • Vocabulary for activities and events
  • Directions and pointing using “real world perspective”
  • Vocabulary and descriptors for weather and environment
  • Vocabulary for animals and nature
  • Classifiers for shapes, patterns, and textures
Module 3: ASL in Every Day Life
  • Vocabulary for foods and drinks
  • Ordering a meal
  • Numerical signing for time and money
  • Colloquial language and slang
  • Using idioms and expressions
  • Jokes and humor

Module 4: Signing in A Professional Environment
  • Vocabulary for objects and tasks
  • Using lists and multiple articles
  • Comparing and contrasting articles
  • Explaining processes and procedures
  • Professional conversation
Module 5: Learning About the Deaf Community
  • What is Deaf Culture?
  • Networking and making connections
  • Deaf activism
  • Defying the stigma of disability
  • How to get involved