Ansys ICEMCFD - Become guru in Hexa Mesh generation (Part 1)



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"In this course students will learn basics of hexa meshing along with geometry operations and various other options in ICEMCFD. After going through lectures, we will apply this knowledge in 10 workshops which are designed to give you hand on practice on different commands and method in ICEMCFD.

After going this course you will be able to understand hexa meshing concept, geometry operations etc and apply them on simple problems.


""Amazing course. Best investment of money...""  *****

-Ahmed Asees Aamir

""Excellent course...""  *****

-Karam Al Masri

""It's a very good course. I wish to complete it and learn in details about ICEMCFD..!  *****

-Debasish Roy

""The course content is increasing day by day. The course instructor is a very knowledgeable person and also very helpful. Highly recommended""    *****

-Prasenjit Sanyal


Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: Hexa mesh generation on 2d geometries for various examples

¿Esta formación es para mí?: Students who want to master the hexa meshing skills in ICEMCFD

Requisitos: "Computer with atleast i3 cpu and 4 GB of RAM Ansys 18.1 installed on your computer"

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"Introduction and general working of ICEMCFD Introduction General steps in CFD What is CFD? Mesh types in ICEMCFD and choosing best settings for mesh Mesh terminology in CFD Quality metrics in ICEMCFD and best practices for CFD Quality metrics in ICEMCFD and CFD ICEMCFD Graphical User Interface (GUI) File management in ICEMCFD and setting working directory Mouse functionality in ICEMCFD Most commonly used commands in ICEMCFD Geometry import through different formats Creating parts, setting up boundary conditions and mesh export Creating parts and geometry from mesh Creating and modifying geometry in ICEMCFD - Geometry operations in ICEMCFD Introduction Creating and modifying points Creating and modifying curves Creating and modifying surfaces - 1 Creating and modifying surfaces - 2 Geometry transformation - Translate/Rotate/Mirror/scaling Material point creation and deleting geometry Creation of material point and geometry delete operations Surface and mesh normals and re-orienting mesh Build topology for geometry checking and creation of points and curves Hexa meshing in ICEMCFD Introduction to hexa meshing concept in ICEMCFD Hexa meshing of square cylinder - example to explain blocking concept Color coding of vertices and edges Creating all types of blocks and Creating 2d block from vertices Creating 3D block from vertices, edges and faces Quarter O-grid from six vertices Degenerate block from six vertices Extrude face along curve to get block Creating blocking and mesh using top down approach for previous case Extrude with twist, fixed distance and interactive Creating 3d blocking from 2d by rotate option 2D to 3D blocking by rotation - Errors and remedies 2D to 3D blocking by rotation for 360 deg models - correct approach 2D to 3D blocking by rotation for 180 deg models - different approaches 2D to 3D blocking by translate Workshop 1 : 2D and 3D Geometry of concentric pipes with extended wall in fluid Problem description Creating two dimensional 2D geometry Three dimensional 3D geometry Workshop 2 - Geometry of 2D 90 deg bend with small inlet Problem description and geometry details Geometry creation in ICEMCFD Workshop 3: Creating geometry of S809 airfoil along with domain around it Problem description, geometry and other details General discussion on airfoils for wind turbines Creating and importing coordinates of S809 airfoil into ICEMCFD Fine tuning geometry of S809 airfoil Creating domain around S809 airfoil Creating surfaces and parts for S809 airfoil and domain Workshop 4 : Domain creation for NREL Phase VI horizontal axis wind turbine Problem description, introduction and background of NREL Phase 6 HAWT Overview of problem and ppt slides Creating inner domain (Rotating domain) with interfaces - session 1 Creating inner domain (rotating domain) with interfaces - session 2 Creating inner domain (rotating domain) with interfaces - session 3 Creating inner domain (rotating domain) with interfaces - session 4 Creating outer domain (stationary domain) with interfaces - session 1 Creating outer domain (stationary domain) with interfaces - session 2 Assignment 4 What's next? Workshop 5 : Hexa mesh of flat plate for external aerodynamics Problem description and geometry details Boundary layer, flow parameters and meshing parameters Geometry generation of flat plate and domain Creating blocking and generation of hexa mesh on flat plate and domain Assignment for workshop 5 Worship 6 : Hexa mesh inside square - Uniform and non uniform meshes Problem description and geometry details Creating uniform and non uniform grids for square Creating local splits to control mesh in wall regions for boundary layer O-Grid for local mesh refinement Selecting solver, setting boundary conditions, mesh export and opening in Fluent Workshop 7 :Hexa meshing inside Circle, semi circle and quarter circle Problem description and geometry details How to use downloadable material for workshop effectively Creating circle geometry in ICEMCFD Initial blocking and premesh Creation of O-grid and mesh quality improvement Mesh smoothing to increase orthogonal quality of mesh cells Blocking and pre-mesh for half circle geometry Blocking and pre-mesh for quarter circle Mesh Export and further discussion on best practices for hexa meshing Geometry creation for Assignment Blocking and premesh for Assignment (Please first attempt yourself) Workshop 8: Hexa meshing of axi-symmetric pipe Problem description and geometry details Geometry generation Hexa blocking and pre-mesh for axi-symmetric pipe Workshop 9: Hexa meshing around circular cylinder for external aerodynamics Introduction and problem description Geometry generation of cylinder and domain Geometry processing for blocking Initial blocking, splits and association at key locations"

Ansys ICEMCFD - Become guru in Hexa Mesh generation (Part 1)

$ 100.001-250.000