Basic of GIS & Web GIS: QGIS, ArcGIS Pro & Online, GeoServer



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"Are you thinking like this...

You have huge interest on GIS and Web GIS but didn't get any proper learning material or course from Internet.

-Do you want to know User Interface of GeoServer,‑ ArcGIS Online and‑ GIs Cloud

-You want make yourself confident to start Web GIS Career

-You want to know Basic of‑ ArcGIS Pro, QGIS, ArcMap, ArcScene, ArcCatalog and ArcGlobe

-You are searching for cheap course of GIS and Web GIS but having huge detail material, lectures, topics and material

-You are searching for Cool and enjoyable lectures of GIS and Web GIS with Practical description.

-Do you want to learn Basic knowledge of all Open source Web GIS

-You want to learn basic of OpenStreetMap.

Then This course is for you, Because this course...

Has Proper Learning Material

-Has 3 sections for Introducing GeoServer,‑ ArcGIS Online and GIS Cloud with there Admin and User Interface.

-Will give you proper step by step guideline to start Web GIS Career with Use of Web GIS in many practical sectors.

-Gives you basic knowledge of QGIS, ArcGIS with ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, ArcGlobe, ArcCatalog, ArcScene.

-Is cheapest course with 30 lectures, 8 Quiz Test and 1 Assignment and each lecture contain many topics.

-Gives you Logical and Practical description of GIS and Web GIS.

-Will give you basic knowledge on Open Source Web GIS including ArcGIS Online, GeoServer, GIS Cloud, Google Map API, MapBox and LeafletJS

-Contain a lecture on OpenStreetMap Overview.


Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: "What is GIS?
Introducing Web GIS
Basic of ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, ArcScene, ArcGlobe & ArcCatalog
QGIS with User Interface Detail
Geoserver Web Admin Page
Introducing ArcGIS Online with Application Interface
Basic of MapBox, Google Maps API and LeafletJS
Introducing GIS Cloud with User Interface
How to Start Learning Web GIS, Programming Languages for Web GIS, Open Source Web GIS Platforms and Future of Web GIS
Introducing ArcGlobe, Add OpenStreetMap, Add Base Map and Add Shapefile
OpenStreetMap Overview
Desktop GIS vs Web GIS
ArcMap Interface, Table of Content, Map View, Search, Menu Bar and Tools
Web GIS Career
Basic Steps of Web GIS
List of Open Source Web GIS
Functionalities of GIS"

¿Esta formación es para mí?: "Anyone who is interested in GIS and Web GIS can take this course.
If you want to start learning about GIS and also Web GIS with proper starting Guideline, then this course is for you.
If you want proper guideline to start GIS and Web GIS Career, then this is for you."

Requisitos: "Student just needs the Interest on GIS and Web GIS Nothing Else"

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Programa académico

"Introduction GIS Introducing Course Instructor Web GIS Quiz 1: Introduction GIS What is ArcGIS ArcCatalog ArcMap ArcGlobe ArcScene Quiz 2: GIS Web GIS Web GIS Career Web GIS Basic Advantages of Web GIS Open Source Web GIS OpenStreetMap Overview Quiz 3: Web GIS ArcGIS Pro ArcGIS Pro User Interface Article: ArcGIS Pro User Interface ArcMap vs ArcGIS Pro Article: ArcMap vs ArcGIS Pro Quiz 4: ArcGIS Pro QGIS QGIS User Interface Part 1: Menu Bar, Toolbar, Side Toolbar & Panels QGIS User Interface Part 2: Map View, Status Bar & Locator Bar Article: QGIS User Interface Quiz 5: QGIS Introduction to GeoServer Introducing GeoServer Interface Practical Class of ""Introducing GeoServer Interface"" Quiz 6: Introduction to GeoServer Introduction to GIS Cloud Introducing GIS Cloud Interface Practical Class of “Introducing GIS Cloud Interface” Quiz 7: Introduction to GIS Cloud Introduction to ArcGIS Online Introducing ArcGIS Online Interface Map Viewer Interface Outlook Map Frame Left Side Bar and Layer Menu Toolbar Other Menu Quiz 8: Introduction to ArcGIS Online Assignment Assignment: Basic of GIS and Web GIS"

Basic of GIS & Web GIS: QGIS, ArcGIS Pro & Online, GeoServer

$ 100.001-250.000