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Does your healthcare or healthcare related organisation need a framework to update their digital technologies? This course will give the executives in this industry will gain the knowledge and information to implement a strategic plan to apply digital health across their organisation. Complete this course at Emagister.co.uk

Digital health — the convergence of the healthcare industry with digital technologies like health-monitoring devices, electronic health records, big data, cloud computing, or artificial intelligence — is now defining and driving a new era of more patient-centric healthcare.

Healthcare companies traditionally have only slowly adopted emerging technology. The entire industry, however, is undergoing significant changes as the global digital health market is rapidly growing to an estimated $200 billion by 2020. Leading companies are beginning to redefine themselves with aggressive plans for digitally driven transformation as 21st century medicine increasingly offers significant new opportunities.

This raises a basic question for large life-science companies, “How can we take advantage of the opportunities while reducing the risks of pursuing them?” Instinctively, large organizations will invest in building new knowledge, skills and processes to improve their prospects as they recognize this changing landscape.

Run in partnership of Columbia Business School Executive Education and digital health innovation company HITLAB, this three-day program offers unique resources for accelerating the infusion of digital health expertise.

Designed for executives in the healthcare and related industries, the program demystifies the value-based components of digital health and generates a common language and framework for accelerated collaboration across your organization. Participants also explore a strategic roadmap for its real-world application within their organization. Complete this course at Emagister.co.uk



New York City (USA)
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3022 Broadway, NY 10027


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Programa académico

The program uses a combination of interactive lectures, case studies, planning group exercises, and experiential learning activities that leverage New York City’s digital health ecosystem. Most importantly, participants learn — step by step — the tools of digital health strategy and apply these tools to their own organization.

Day 1 focuses on understanding the complex and rapidly changing landscape of digital health and how to develop a digital health strategy for success. Through an in-depth analysis, participants identify the strengths and weaknesses of their organization’s digital health readiness and strategy relative to competition, understand the role digital health plays in their organization, and begin to design a new strategy based leveraging a new digital health strategy toolkit.

Day 2 empowers executives to pitch their digital health strategy to their organization, gain support, secure budgets, operationalize plans, and manage for success. Participants pitch their new strategy to their peers in the classroom and outside experts in digital health in order to refine their strategy. They learn which metrics to use to measure success, how to anticipate roadblocks, and how to maintain momentum and build a sustainable platform in their organization.

Day 3 focuses on embedding digital into the DNA of an organization. Executives learn how to achieve success and replicate it within their organization, ensuring sustainability across people, platforms, processes, and partnerships.

Guest speakers will include current and past chief digital officers, chief medical officers, and innovation leaders across the industry. Case studies will be shared from past and current examples, and students will interact with some of the most well-respected minds in the field.