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So you fancy being a Fashion Blogger?
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Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Trendimi Limited
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Tipología Curso
Metodología Virtual
Horas lectivas 50h
Duración 45
Inicio Fechas a escoger
Campus online
Envío de materiales de aprendizaje
Servicio de consultas
  • Curso
  • Virtual
  • 50h
  • Duración:
  • Inicio:
    Fechas a escoger
  • Campus online
  • Envío de materiales de aprendizaje
  • Servicio de consultas

Gone are the days where only the fashion insiders and those with the most enviable lifestyles form the blogging elite. Blogging is huge. What’s more (and in our opinion, better), the blogging community to so inclusive - there’s room for everyone.

If you’ve always wanted to start a fashion or lifestyle blog, dream of a career in the field or simply want to share your style, thoughts or share your life, starting or developing a blog is much easier than you think. Creating, building and maintaining a successful fashion or lifestyle blog isn’t unattainable, it’s a craft.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

On completion of the course you will be able to:
• Create blog content
• Use photography and Imagery
• Use social networks
• Work with brands
• Monetise your blog
• Build your brand

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Fechas a escoger Matrícula abierta

¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Creative Writing
Online Advertising
Fashion Promotion
Fashion Consultant
Fashion Stylist
Fashion trends

Programa académico

Module 1 : Blogging 101
What is a blog?
What is Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging?
From where it started, to what it is today
Why blogging?
Is it for me?
Passion is Important
A day in the life of…

Module 2 : Starting Out & Setting Up
Types of blogs
Choosing a platform
Choosing a name
Hosting & domains
The techie bits
Money, money, money

Module 3 : Content Creation
Where do I start?
Writing your first post
Conformity & originality
Planning & scheduling
Content calendars

Module 4 : Photography & Imagery
Your imagery
Shooting snaps
Sharing & hosting imagery

Module 5 : Staying Social
The importance of being social
The platforms Social & traffic
How to get more out of social
Social strategies
Next steps for social

Module 6 : Networking & Events
Someone like you
Blogger Meetups
Brand events
Connecting in the blogosphere
Important growth for your blog
Starting something new

Module 7 : Working with Brands
Why should you work with brands?
First things first
Keeping it professional
Making the right impression
Networking gold
Ways of working with brands
Putting yourself out there
Getting the most out of brand relationship

Module 8 : Monetising your Blog
What do you need to monetise your blog?
Affiliate marketing
Becoming a full time blogger
Financial responsibility

Module 9 : Building a Brand
What does your blog stand for?
Brand yourself
Becoming business minded
Time is everything
That blogging business

Module 10 : Growing as a Blogger
Pay For Traffic
Manage Your Subscriptions
What's Next?

Module 11 : The Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Roundup
The Style
Fashion Blog Misconceptions
Do's and Don'ts
The Inspiration