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Finances and Accounting with ACCA - Bachelor's degree

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Developing practical skills and educating students willing to find employment in the area of finance and accounting across several specialized fields is central to the Finance and Accounting study programme.

In the previous years the programme was of general academic character with more practical approach by introducing modifications each year via introduction of new elective subjects.

Current F&A study programme approved on April 9th, 2018 by the Faculty’s Council was largely modified in order to make it even closer to economic practice and by doing so to adjust it to labour market’s needs.

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Graduates of Finances and Accounting can expect to work in many interesting and well-paying positions in various institutions. Your future position depends on the sub-major you choose.

Accounting and finance
Finances and financial markets
Finance and financial markets – investment capital markets
ACCA accounting and taxes



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Hazel Garduque
Sobre el curso: The course gives students a competitive edge when they graduate from the school because of the ACCA accreditation. To add to that, the professors in the problem have a great amount of knowledge and experience in finance and accounting. Lastly, the school...
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2019
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Ridwan Akintunde
Sobre el curso: Studying Accounting in vistula university gives to edge compare to any other university because vistula has an affiliation with ACCA which gives you certain exemption in so area
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2019
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Iryna Shumeiko
Sobre el curso: The academic staff fully meet the expectations and give knowledge that can be used in the profession.
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2019
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Thembeka Ncube
Sobre el curso: Good
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2019
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Olzhas Malik
Sobre el curso: O
Curso realizado: Diciembre 2019
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Communication Training
Financial Training
Management Accounting
GCSE Mathematics

Programa académico


The curriculum of Bachelor`s Degree Studies consists of general courses and major courses in the following economic areas: introduction to economics, micro-economics, macro-economics,

mathematics and statistics: mathematics 1, financial mathematics, descriptive statistics, mathematical statistics, quantitative methods for business, information and communication technologies for business,

Finance: introduction to finance, public finance, international finance, banking, insurance, corporate finance – financial management.

Accounting: Introduction to accounting – Business accountant, Financial accounting, Bank accounting and insurance accounting, Management accounting, SME accounting,

Others: Introduction to management, Introduction to law, foreign language, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural communication, communication and argument techniques, thesis seminars and advanced techniques of thesis preparation, sport.

The above courses constitute a set of obligatory subjects for students of all majors studying F&A programme. Those courses allow to gain knowledge of and elaborate ability to use mathematical, statistical, regulatory tools necessary to undertake micro- and macroeconomic analysis, to evaluate business situations, to explore and master skills related to majors.

The above programme was awarded the ACCA certificate.

The detailed list of general courses, major courses and specialization subjects are included in the appendix.

Apart from the above general courses students follow major courses or elective courses listed in the so-called University’s bank.

List of obligatory classes for all sub-majors, introducing you to the world of economics
  •  economy basics,
  •  microeconomics,
  •  Macroeconomics,
  •  mathematics I,
  •  financial mathematics,
  •  descriptive statistics,
  •  mathematical statistics,
  •  quantitative methods in business,
  •  ICT in business,
  •  foreign language ,
  •  entrepreneurship,
  •  intercultural communication,
  •  communication and argumentation techniques,
  •  diploma and advanced seminars with writing techniques,
  •  physical education,
Classes which are part of the major, introducing aspects of finances and accounting
  •  Basics of finance
  •  Basics of accounting – accountant in business
  •  Finance 1 – Public finances and Finance JST (Local Self-Government   Units)
  •  Finance 2 – International finance, EU Finance
  •  Accounting 1 – Financial Accounting
  •  Accounting 2 – Bank Accounting, Insurance Accounting
  •  Accounting 3. Management accounting I
  •  Banking – basics of banking, banking risk
  •  Law in business
  •  Buisness finance
  •  Insurance

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Full-time studies

Tuition fee (per year) 2 500 €
Tuition fee (per semester)1 350 €
Registration fee 120 €