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Health and Fitness lll

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Tipología Vocational qualification
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Home Study. Refine your existing fitness and management skills! This distance learning course in fitness evaluation and management develops skills in analysis, evaluation, and consequential management of health and fitness characteristics for a specific individual. Builds on Health and Fitness I and II.

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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Health and Fitness
IT risk
IT Management
Skills and Training

Programa académico

Lesson Structure: Health & Fitness III BRE301
Thre are 7 lessons:

Health Risk factors
The Health Care System
Social Factors
Managing Health & Fitness
Fitness Test Comparisons
Analysis of Fitness Tests
Analysis of Sports Skills

Learning Goals: Health & Fitness III BRE301

Explain health risk factors in modern society.
Analyse the health care system, to determine preferred options for different individuals.
Determine social factors which may effect the status of health and fitness.
Evaluate different individual approaches to managing health and fitness, including both services and facilities.
Compare different fitness tests for different motor abilities.
Demonstrate statistical techniques used to analyse fitness test results.
Use fitness tests to analyse different sports skills.


List sources of both physical and psychological health risk factors in modern society.
Describe sources of health risk factors in modern society.
Determine the effects of health risk factors in different case studies.
Develop guidelines for minimising health risks in different situations including:
a specified workplace situation
a specified home situation

List the components of the public health care system, including preventative and treatment services.
Develop a scenario for an individual interested in taking up private health insurance.
Compare private with public (government) health care systems, referring to quality of service, efficiencies and costs.
There are many complaints about public and private health care systems. Explain the limitations of the pubic health care system for different individuals.
Explain government initiatives in the area of preventative health care.
Explain how the appraisal of people by society can influence levels of health and fitness.
Describe two different examples of political decisions affecting the health and fitness status of a group of people.
Describe different physiological effects which may indicate stress.
Explain the effect of stress on health and fitness in a case study.
List methods used to treat different specified health and fitness problems, other than diseases, including both preventative and curative approaches.
Describe different methods which could be used to treat each of the following health and fitness problems:
high blood pressure
drug addiction
chronic fatigue syndrome
Compare different methods used to treat other health and fitness problems
Recommend changes in lifestyle practices to improve health management for different case studies.
Explain different tests used to evaluate strength, power and muscular endurance
Explain different tests used to evaluate flexibility, agility and balance
Explain different tests used to evaluate cardiovascular endurance
Explain different tests used to evaluate general motor ability
List the criteria used to select an appropriate test for testing motor abilities in one of the following sports:
Football (rugby/union/touch/soccer)

Discuss the value of statistics in assessing fitness test results.
Explain descriptive statistical methods used in a fitness evaluation.
Explain comparative statistical methods used in a fitness evaluation.
Explain inferential statistical methods used in a fitness evaluation.
Compile the results of a statistical analysis of a twelve month series of fitness tests and interpret the results in the form of either graphs, charts or tables.
Submit resource file that you have commenced for the beginning of the course.
Explain different tests used to evaluate individual-participant sports skills.
Explain different tests used to evaluate dual-participant sports skills.
Explain different tests used to evaluate multiple-participant sports skills.
List the criteria used to select appropriate tests for athletes in different sports
Explain in an illustrated summary (drawn or photograph), coaching principles for a sport skill of your choice.
Write a report analysing the results of a series of fitness tests conducted to determine whether a person is fit to play a specified type of sport

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Fitness Leader, Dietician, Health Instructor