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International Open Academy

How to Create Income Generating Online Courses

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International Open Academy
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Step by step instructions to plan, create and publish online courses for fun or profit

This course is a perfect match for you if you:

Want to become an online educator
Are already building online courses but want access to tips and advice to help you grow your business
Would like to build a source of passive income by selling courses online
Are tired of googling and searching on YouTube and trying to piece information together, and want a step by step process to follow, with all the info you need in one place
Did you know that selling courses online can be a very profitable business? Running courses can be a way to make passive income, generating money for you over long periods of time after an initial investment of work.

The online education market is booming all over the world, valued at $107 billion in 2015 and expected to grow to $4.38 trillion by 2022!

So how much can you make?

A recent study reported that 11% of instructors polled made over $25,000 a month selling their online courses, while 43% made over $1,000 a month. Many instructors have reported making upward of $1,000,000 in total.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

What to write a course about
How to organize and create your course content
The online course market and where you fit in
Video and audio formats
How to get people to take your course
How to make your course profitable

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Jeweline Still
Lo mejor: Simple and easy to comprehend, informative. They offer great introduction to basic signs and to deaf culture and history!
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Curso realizado: Agosto 2018
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Content Management
Market Research
Writing for the Web
Planning and Business
Planning Process
Writing Skills

Programa académico

Module 1: Finding a platform
Creating your own website
Comparing features of different platforms
Choosing a platform that meets your needs
Pricing and budgeting

Module 2: Identifying a market
Understanding the market
Identifying potential niches
Finding and creating a USP
Conducting market research

Module 3: Choosing your format
Text Audio
Video Interactive
Mixed media
Other options

Module 4: Planning and outlining content
Learning objectives
Student perspective
Structuring for content
Structuring for interest

Module 5: Conducting research
Setting research objectives
Conveying expertise
Checking and cross referencing
Managing research time

Module 6: Writing content
Voice, tone and style
General writing advice
Writing video scripts
Writing audio scripts
Assessments and other interactive features

Module 7: Recording audio and video content
Equipment Recording
Editing Screencasting

Module 8: Formatting content
Weekly/time based format
Topics format
Other formats

Module 9: Promoting and marketing your course
Free tasters
Social media
Newsletters and email lists

Module 10: Pricing and sales to make your course profitable
Marketplace price standards
The value of the course
Multiple pricing tiers
Recurring payments