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HR & Recruitment Consultant Professional Diploma - CPD Accredited


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The job market is extremely tough for both recruiters and job seekers alike. On the one hand recruiters have to go through thousands of applications in order to find the perfect match for their open position, and on the other hand job seekers need to fend off the other applicants for that one job. Either way this HR & Recruitment Consultant Diploma can help you step into the shoes of an expert HR manager to make the hiring process easier.

The course is divided into three sections where you start with HR management today, recruiting, interviews, retention, health & safety and much more. In the next section you deal with recruitment through its selection process, goal setting, interviews questions, background check etc. In the final section of the course, you will learn how to lure in great candidates, filtering process for applications, selection process and onboarding as well. The entire thing combined will help you make the recruitment process amazingly easy and simple, which in turn gives you the inside scoop. So if you want to get into the HR world or strategies to get hired, this is the course for you.

Información importante

¿Esta formación es para mí?: HR & Recruitment Consultant Professional Diploma is CPD QS & IAO accredited. This makes it perfect for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills.

As there is no experience and qualification required for this course, it is available for all students from any academic backgrounds.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?: On receiving your request an academic officer from the course will call you to explain everything about the course, including how you can sign up, payment options and enrollment periods

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Requisitos: Our HR & Recruitment Consultant Professional Diploma is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

  • Recruitment
  • Shortlisting
  • Accredited
  • Hiring
  • Interview
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Implementing Training
  • Hiring Strategy
  • Retention and Orientation
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Workplace Health & Safety

Programa académico


Human Resource Management

  • Module One – Getting Started99
  • Module Two – Human Resources Today99
  • Module Three – Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Module Four – Retention and Orientation
  • Module Five – Following Up With New Employees
  • Module Six – Workplace Health & Safety
  • Module Seven – Workplace Bullying, Harassment, and Violence
  • Module Eight – Workplace Wellness
  • Module Nine – Providing Feedback to Employees
  • Module Ten – Disciplining Employees
  • Module Eleven – Terminating Employees
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up12

Recruitment Basics

  • Introduction to Recruitment
  • Recruitment
  • Shortlisting
  • Selection
  • Definitions of Training and Development
  • Considerations in the Design of Training Programmes
  • Implementing Training
  • Learning Methods


  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – Introduction to Recruitment
  • Module Three – The Selection Process
  • Module Four – Goal Setting
  • Module Five – The Interview
  • Module Six – Types of Interview Questions
  • Module Seven – Avoiding Bias in Your Selection
  • Module Eight – The Background Check
  • Module Nine – Making Your Offer
  • Module Ten – Orientation and Retention
  • Module Eleven – Measuring the Results
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up

Managing Recruitment

  • Module One – Getting Started
  • Module Two – Defining and Knowing the Position
  • Module Three – Hiring Strategy
  • Module Four – Lure in Great Candidates
  • Module Five – Filtering Applicants to Interview
  • Module Six – The Interview (I)
  • Module Seven – The Interview (II)
  • Module Eight – Selection Process (I)
  • Module Nine – Selection Process (II)
  • Module Ten – Making an Offer
  • Module Eleven – Onboarding
  • Module Twelve – Wrapping Up

Precio Emagister

$ 159.430 $ 1.393.872

*Precio estimado

Importe original en GBP:

£ 35 £ 306