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Interaction and Networking

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Emagister has just added this online course on networking and interactive skills, specially designed for the interaction with other professionals in a working space. It is the perfect choice if you have just started to work and feel insecure on how to start a conversation or how to behave.

Other aspects such as dress code or what to say and what not to say in a conversation in a working place are covered. You will end this course with the confidence you need in the area, and become a valued professional in your sector, in particular the hospitality field. You will learn how to attend a social gathering and industry related networking gatherings. You will listen to examples in native English, and this is of course the best way for you to practice and be ready for real-life situations.

This online course enables you to start or continue the subjects whenever you want depending on your time. A certificate will be sent to you via email for you to print: it is equally valid as any other certificates.

Do not hesitate to ask for any information regarding this course on Reception Academy's webpage or, job opportunities at the palm of your hand!

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Programa académico

Topics covered:✅ How to behave when interacting with other professionals
✅ Research & Preparation
✅ How to start a conversation
✅ What to say and what not to say
✅ How to end a conversation
✅ The correct Dress Code
✅ The correct social etiquette
Optimum Computer Specifications:For the best compatibility and quality use:
ChromeFirefox / Firefox QuantumAvoid using Internet explorer, Microsoft edge (known to cause loading/display issues) or any browser that does not support HTML5, this will cause the course to revert to legacy flash and could display content out of alignment or incorrectly.
Recommended PC Specifications:
Intel core i3 dual core or aboveWindows 7 or above4GB ram or moreStable internet connection averaging 20Mb/s (2.5MB/s) or moreHard drive with 1GB free for course cache when viewingIdeally 10Gb + free for optimum system performance when viewing online contentWhen viewing a course which may be displaying incorrectly, clearing browser cache and reloading the course can solve this as the browser saves previous versions of a course if they shared the same name.