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Insa Business, Marketing & Communication School
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Tipología Maestría
Horas lectivas 9h
  • Maestría
  • 9h

To provide the student the best tools, knowledge and abilities in order to succeed at executive level in the international business arena. To show you how to make the beneficial decisions for your business internationally through an accurate analysis of the global market, operating systems, budget management, strategic planning and productivity. To effectively teach you the et.
Dirigido a: Graduates.

Programa académico

1. Company Policy and General management Strategy.
2. Strategies and Policies in the Marketing Management.
3. Economic Control and Optimization of results.
4. Commercial Management Organization of Networks.
5. Management Skills: coaching, empowerment, leadership and organization.
6. Economic Analysis of Managerial Decisions.
7. Financial Management: management, strategy and creation of value.
8. Company Evaluation: mergers, procurement, joint ventures.
9. Globalization and Internationalization of Markets. Analysis.
10. Management Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility.
11. Branding, the management of the value of a brand (Know-How).
12. Product Manager: design and implementation of the Policies and the Marketing Plan.
13. Sales Forecasts - Forecast - Forenet - (Expert Systems in Business Forecasts).
14. Products and Branding Positioning Strategy: Globalization, opening new markets.
15. Production Management, Quality, Logistics and distribution of the product.
16. Trade Fairs, Conventions, Congresses.
17. Customer Marketing. Customer Loyalty Schemes. Control of new channels.
18. Marketing in industrial companies and services.
19. Application of Marketing 2.0 in the company.
20. Optimization of product margins. Pricing policy and profits maximization.
21. The social issues: cooperation and resolution of labour conflicts.
22. Judicial and Fiscal Treatment of Managerial Activities.
23. Technological Innovation in Companies. Managing global Know-How.
24. Balance Scorecard: design of management strategies.
25. Final Project: Strategic Business Plan.

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