IOS Development with NodeJS + Google Maps API + Firebase



$ 100.001-250.000


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"This course is  project based designed to teach you how to build full-stack application on IOS, Desktop, and Web applications as well.

You will build an intuitive iphone application using swift 4 and the latest features of IOS 11. Throughout the course, you will learn how to integrate and use other exciting libraries and APIs like Google Maps API and Firebase to store your images.

You won’t only learn how to build iphone apps, but also how to design them. Together, we will design our application interface using Sketch and then we will learn how to break the design parts into assets for the development in Xcode.

The course is packed with cutting edge technologies where we use the popular NodeJS technology along with MongoDB to build fast, scalable and secure RESTful APIs from setup to deployment in the most efficient way. You will learn how to set up heroku to work with your nodejs server.

In the last section of the course, we will cover an intriguing technology called MeteorJS to build our admin panel in desktop with the help of third party libraries.

There are many exciting things to learn in this course, so join me in the journey and lets get right into it


Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: "Gain the knowledge to use Google Maps API
Understand the implementation of cloud storages through the use of Firebase
Will understand the architecture of IOS development and be able to build his future ideas
Gain the knowledge to develop server-side applications
Become full-stack software developer (Mobile, Web, and Desktop)
Be able to host your server in a cloud storage (Heroku)
Understand CocoaPods and how to use integrate libraries to your project (e.g. Firebase, Google Maps, and Alamofire)
Build RESTful API with ExpressJS in NodeJS
Exchange messages between client (IOS APP) and server (NodeJS)"

¿Esta formación es para mí?: "Beginner programmers that want to learn about native IOS development
Seasoned programmers that want to get to speed quickly with Swift 4
If you want to learn server-side development in NodeJS
If you want to understand the architecture of full-stack development
Passionate entrepreneurs that seek to expand their knowledge to the field of IOS development
Passionate entrepreneurs that seek to expand their knowledge to the field of server-side development
If you want to build full-stack web and desktop applications"

Requisitos: "A Mac laptop or iMac (or a PC running macOS) Basic understanding of programming"

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"Introduction Introduction Sketch Sketch Setup Designing in Sketch CocoaPods and Xcode Setup CocoaPods Installation and Setup Creating Our Project in Xcode Xcode Overview Creating Our First Screen in Xcode Button Designing (Sketch) NodeJS (Server-side Setup and Development) NodeJS Setup mLab Setup Project Setup (Package Installation) Implementing Our First NodeJS File (server.js) Setting Up Our Database Attributes Implementing Our First Post Router Server Testing (Postman) Firebase Setup Firebase Setup - Part 1 Firebase Setup - Part 2 Xcode Workspace Project Package Installation Post Screen Implementation (Xcode) Linking UI Elements With The Code TextFields Implementation TextView Implementation TLPhotoPicker Library Integration and Implementation TLPhotoPicker - Part II Google Maps APIs Integration Google Maps Setup Google Maps Implementation"

IOS Development with NodeJS + Google Maps API + Firebase

$ 100.001-250.000