Learning Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Essentials



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"This course covers all of the essential skills you'll need to get up to speed with Revit Architecture. Each lesson includes a complete video tutorial you can watch, pause, rewind, and watch again as the instructor explains the basics of the world's leading computer aided design software.

In just under 6 hours, you'll be able to open and save Revit projects, create building models, place additional building components, and create and print sets of construction documents. Most lessons include actual Revit project files that you can download and load into your copy of Revit so that you can follow along as the instructor demonstrates various concepts.

This course includes more than 50 lessons totaling 6 hours of video lectures, plus materials you can download and online quizzes.

If you want to learn Revit Architecture, this is the course for you.

Note: This course is based on Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 but can be used to learn other versions as well.


Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: "Understand how tools are organized
Create and manage component families, system families, and parameters
Select, place, and modify building components
Create walls, doors, windows, floors, and roofs
Work with dimensions and annotations
Create sheets, place views on sheets, and print drawings"

¿Esta formación es para mí?: Anyone interested in learning to use Autodesk Revit Architecture (no prior experience required)

Requisitos: No prior Revit experience required. A copy of Revit (including the free 30-trial version downloadable from the Autodesk website) is needed if you want to open sample projects and follow along with lessons and demonstrations.

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"Getting Started with Revit Architecture Introduction to Section 1 Opening a Project File Identifying the User Interface Components Understanding the View Controls Starting a New Project from Recent Files Saving and Closing Files Understanding Revit Concepts Understanding Families Placing Model Elements Sketching Model Elements Placing View-Specific Elements Loading Families and Using Type Catalogs Editing Families Within a Project Section Review: Getting Started with Revit Architecture Modeling Essentials Introduction to Section 2 Selecting Objects Copying and Moving Objects Using the Clipboard for Copy and Paste Deleting Objects Creating and Modifying Levels Creating and Modifying Grids Section Review: Modeling Essentials Modeling the Building Core and Shell Introduction to Section 3 Understanding Wall Drawing Aids Understanding Wall System Families and Types Creating Exterior Building Walls Creating Building Core Walls Creating Doors Creating Windows Creating Curtain Walls Creating Floors Creating a Roof by Footprint Section Review: Modeling the Building Core and Shell Modeling Building Interiors Introduction to Section 4 Creating Stairs by Component Creating Interior Partitions Creating Rooms Placing Components Creating Ceilings Placing Building Components in Ceilings Section Review: Modeling Building Interiors Creating Documentation Introduction to Section 5 Understanding Parameters Placing Element Tags Creating a Schedule and Specifying Fields Modifying Schedules with Sorting and Grouping Working with Text Annotations Using Temporary Dimensions Working with Permanent Dimensions Section Review: Documentation Views, Sheets, and Printing Introduction to Section 6 Understanding Scale and Detail Level Understanding Plan View Range Understanding Object Styles Understanding Visibility and Graphic Overrides Creating Plan Views and Reflected Ceiling Plan Views Creating Building Elevation Views Creating Section Views Creating and Using Sheets Managing Project Information Printing and Managing Print Settings Section Review: Views, Sheets, and Printing Course Conclusion"

Learning Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Essentials

$ 100.001-250.000