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...Hola! The best Spanish course is available now in La Candelaria, Bogota. Learn using your native language with the Birkenbihl method: Learning without pain!... Aprende sobre: Birkenbihl method, Curso espanol para extranjeros... Ver más

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Nancy Ortiz
Nancy Ortiz
Spanish teacher

Experienced Spanish teacher with more than 7 years teaching in Germany, Switzerland and Colombia. We will test you in order to know your Spanish skills / aims, then we can design the best way to help you, and the text for you as well. Each Spanish lesson will follow a set Spanish curriculum made for your needs. This text includes grammar, exercises, songs, etc. We can also work with verb cards, games, literature, it depends on the theme we are checking and your skills / needs. After every lesson you will have homework to do and also we work with a Colombian "Telenovela" (soap opera).