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Inicio 10/03/2020
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Leadership is often approached in terms of one's ability to understand and direct our external environment including people, organizations, and events.

Personal Leadership and Success takes the view that to succeed professionally one needs to develop another dimension of leadership consisting of the ability to understand and direct one's internal environment – goals, motivations, mindsets, and emotions.

This three-day program offers a distinctive approach that integrates recent findings in psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behavior therapy with explorations of the inner lives of great achievers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Nelson Mandela.

Until recently, the only way to explore this mastery of the inner environment has been through the teachings of philosophers, prophets, or self-help "gurus." These historical and modern sources of wisdom essentially rely on faith while Personal Leadership and Success replaces this approach with scientifically validated, practical insights and techniques for understanding and mastering one's inner environment.

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10 mar 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Inicio 10 mar 2020
New York City
3022 Broadway, NY 10027, New York, USA
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Marc Leclair
Sobre el curso: As I mature in my career it gets more difficult to get meaningful mentoring and coaching. Personal Leadership & Success helped me immensely.
Curso realizado: Abril 2019
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Stephane Pitre
Sobre el curso: I came to this program to better myself, however, I believe this will lead me to better those around me, which I will benefit greatly from.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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Tamsin Jensen
Sobre el curso: There are very few courses that focus on your inner environment - these 3 days have opened my eyes to the wonderful life I could have if I practice and apply all the principles.
Curso realizado: Abril 2019
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Aurelio Gisco
Sobre el curso: This course is a perfect mix of all the logic and techniques that you need to grow and improve yourself and the others colleagues working with you.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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Team Motivation
Team Leadership
Managing Risk
Team Leader
Team management
Managing Risk

Programa académico

Program Structure

Personal Leadership and Success introduces you to a powerful set of frameworks, tools and insights for mastering your inner environment – your values, goals, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and habits. It is grounded in rigorous scientific evidence and case studies from the lives of great leaders.


Personal Leadership and Success provides powerful insights and practical techniques to gain greater success in your professional and personal lives through an enhanced understanding and mastery over your inner environment. Lectures are supplemented by exercises involving introspection, self-evaluation, and the application of specific techniques.

  • Learn what impact your internal environment has on your success
  • Understand your current level of mastery over different aspects of your inner environment and how it compares with top performers
  • Discover practical techniques to cultivate a winner's mindset that will allow you to perform at your optimum
  • Implement techniques that further develop your personal leadership skills
  • Personal reflections, group discussions and applications of personal leadership techniques
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your core values and how to align your day-to-day behavior and priorities with these values
  • Find ways to turn personal and organizational adversities into unique value-creating opportunities