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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Schedule our instructor led classroom training at your convenience and never miss another lecture or fall behind. You are in complete control. We invited the Best Certified Trainers in the industry to help us develop the ultimate training and certification programs which include everything you will need to fully prepare for and pass your certification exams.

This course teaches the commands and features of Microsoft Project 2013. Students will learn how to start a project, work with project calendars, tasks and resources and deliver a project plan. Students will also learn about managing the project environment, managing task structures, generating project views and producing project reports.


Microsoft Office Project 2013 Part 1

Unit 01 - Starting a Project

Topic A: Project Management 101
Project Management
Project Management Processes
Project Management Processes Map
Project Management Knowledge Areas
Triple Constraint
Sponsors and Stakeholders

Topic B: Navigate and Customize the Project 2013 Interface
The Start Screen
Methods for Creating New Projects
Project Templates
Gantt Chart View
The View Bar
The Quick Access Toolbar
The Ribbon
The Backstage View
The Timeline
The Status Bar
Demo 1-1: Navigating and Customizing the Project 2013 Interface

Topic C: Add Tasks to a Project
Project Tasks
Manually Scheduled vs. Auto Scheduled Tasks
Task Information Dialog Box
Task Durations
Task Links
Demo 1-2: Adding Tasks to a Project

Topic D: Add Resources to a Project
Project Resources
Resource Sheet View
Resource Information Dialog Box
Demo 1-3: Adding a Resource to a Project
Topic E: Save a Project
The Save As Screen
Demo 1-4: Saving Your Project
Unit 01 Review

Unit 02 - Working with Project Calendars

Topic A: Manage Project Time Frames
The Project Information Dialog Box
Project Start and Finish Dates
Base Calendars
Demo 2-1: Managing Project Time Frames

Topic B: Change Working Time
The Change Working Time Dialog Box
The Legend
A Full-Day Exception
Demo 2-2: Changing the Working Time for a Project
Working Times Exception Details
Exception Recurrence Pattern
Unit 02 Review

Unit 03 - Working with Project Tasks

Topic A: Manage Project Tasks

Task Information Dialog Box
General Task Information
Predecessors Tab
Dependency Types
Resources Tab
Advanced Tab
Constraint Fields
Task Notes
Demo 3-1: Managing Project Tasks

Topic B: Add Summary Tasks and Milestones

Summary Tasks
A Project Milestone
Demo 3-2: Adding Summary Tasks and Milestones
Unit 03 Review

Unit 04 - Working with Project Resources

Topic A: Manage Project Resources
Resource Information Dialog Box
General Tab
Costs Tab
Notes Tab
Demo 4-1: Managing Project Resources

Topic B: Allocate and Level Work Resources
Team Planner View
Over-allocated Resources
The Level Group
Demo 4-2: Leveling Resources
Unit 04 Review

Unit 05 - Delivering a Project Plan

Topic A: Print Project Views
The Print Screen
Demo 5-1: Printing a Project View

Topic B: Share Projects
The Share Screen
Sync with SharePoint
Email a Project

Topic C: Export Projects
The Export Screen
Exporting Options
Demo 5-2: Exporting a Project
Unit 05 Review
Course Closure

Microsoft Office Project 2013 Part 2

Unit 01 - Managing the Project Environment

Topic A: Link Projects

Linked Tasks and Projects
Insert Subproject
Insert Subproject Options
Links Between Projects
Demo 1-1: Linking Projects

Topic B: Baseline a Project
Set a Baseline
Clear a Baseline
Demo 1-2: Baselining a Project

Topic C: Work with Custom Fields
Custom Fields
Add Custom Fields
View Custom Fields
Lookup Table
Demo 1-3: Working With Custom Fields
Unit 01 Review

Unit 02 - Managing Task Structures
Topic A: Change a Task List
Autolink Inserted or Moved Tasks
Insert a New Task
Split Tasks
Delete and Move Tasks
Unlink and Relink Tasks
Demo 2-1: Changing a Task List

Topic B: Create a Network Diagram
Network Diagram
Network Diagram View
Link Nodes
Milestones and Summary Task Nodes
Demo 2-2: Creating a Network Diagram

Topic C: Manage the Critical Path

Critical Path

Topic D: Use Lag and Lead
Normal Finish-to-Start Relationship
Adding Lag
Adding Lead
Demo 2-3: Adding Lag and Lead Time

Topic E: Analyze Earned Value

Earned Value
Earned Value Methods
Change Earned Value Method
Status Date
Mark on Track and Update Tasks
Earned Value Report
More Tables
Earned Value Table
Demo 2-4: Analyzing Earned Value
Unit 02 Review

Unit 03 - Generating Project Views

Topic A: Use View Commands
Sort Views
Outline Views
Table Views
Highlight Views
Filter Views
Group Views
Demo 3-1: Using View Commands

Topic B: Use Existing Views

Default Views
More Views
Demo 3-2: Using Existing Views

Topic C: Create Custom Views

New Views
New Single View and New Combination View
Edit Views
Copy Views
The Organizer
Format Views
Demo 3-3: Creating Custom Views

Topic D: Format and Share the Timeline View

Timeline View
Format the Timeline
Share the Timeline
Demo 3-4: Formatting and Sharing the Timeline
Unit 03 Review

Unit 04 - Producing Project Reports

Topic A: Use Existing Reports

Dashboard Reports
Resource Reports
Cost Reports
In Progress Reports
Demo 4-1: Using Existing Reports

Topic B: Create Custom Reports
New Reports
Report Design Tools
Chart Types
Chart Design Commands
Chart Format Commands
Table Design Commands
Table Layout Commands
Field List
Edit Charts Quickly
Hyperlinks in Reports
Images in Reports
Demo 4-2: Creating Custom Reports

Topic C: Export Visual Reports
Visual Reports
Demo 4-3: Exporting Visual Reports
Unit 04 Review
Course Closure