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Psychology Level 3

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Horas lectivas 120h
Duración 1 Year
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  • Curso
  • A distancia
  • 120h
  • Duración:
    1 Year
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This psychology course is designed for individuals who want to gain a deep knowledge of psychology. No previous knowledge or experiences is needed for this course. Participants of this course will learn how to identify expression, emotional experience, and psychological responses. Gain an understanding of the nature of psychology. Explore how human actions can be explained on a variety of diverse levels. Learn to identify the different characteristics of operant and classical conditioning. . Upon completion of this course, participants will have a strong knowledge of psychology and the skills necessary to become a psychologist.

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Requisitos: No prior knowledge or qualifications are required for this course.

Accredited or approved course provider: Psychology Level 3 award from NCFE - ABC Awards


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Maria B.
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Curso realizado: Noviembre 2015
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Clinical Psychology
Counselling Psychology
Social Behaviour Development
Social Perception
Social Influence

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The course is divided up into eight modules, as follows:

Module 1: Introduction

Unit 1                     What is Psychology?

Unit 2                     Different Approaches to Psychology

Unit 3                     Research in Psychology

Module 2: Emotion

Unit 4                     Signs of Emotion

Unit 5                     Theories of Emotion

Unit 6                     Stress and Anxiety 

Module 3: Perception

Unit 7                     Sensation and Perception

Unit 8                     Factors Affecting Perception

Module 4: Memory

Unit 9                     Why Do We Remember?

Unit 10                   Remembering and Forgetting

Unit 11                   The Reliability of Memory

Module 5: Learning

Unit 12                   Classical and Operant Conditioning

Unit 13                   Applications of Classical and Operant Conditioning

Unit 14                   Other Kinds of Learning

Module 6: The Development of Social Behaviour

Unit 15                   Parent–Child Interaction

Unit 16                   Attachment and Separation

Unit 17                   Sexual Development and Gender Identity

Module 7: Social Perception

Unit 18                   Impressions of People

Unit 19                   Prejudice and Discrimination

Unit 20                   Reducing Prejudice

Module 8: Social Influence

Unit 21                   Social Pressure on the Individual

Unit 22                   Group Norms and Conformity

Unit 23                   Conformity to Roles and Obedience


Each element of the course is followed by a written assignment, which is submitted to and marked by your tutor.