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"The only course that gets straight to the point with realtime geolocation and tracking   

Learn how to integrate Pubnub, which is a global data stream network, with Google Maps API and Javascript in order to display realtime maps on your webpage. 

Realtime technology is the latest trend in the internet of things (IOT).  Jump on the bandwagon now so that you can start building realtime applications that were once a dream. 

This course is for absolute beginners who are having a hard time connecting the dots with Pubnub data streaming,  Javascript and Google Maps API.  You do not need any special software, hardware, etc.  All you need is a computer.  Ideally, you should have a hosting provider and domain name.  If not, a simple internet connection will be all that is required.

What You Will Learn:

-How to Access the Pubnub Console in Order to Send and Receive Data to Your Website

-How to Create a Live Flight Path Simulator that Will Send its Data Points to Pubnub

-How to Create a Realtime Tracking Map that Will Send its Location Data to Pubnub

-How to Take the Data Sent to Pubnub and Broadcast it Back to Other Users (Like Users Who Watch Cars on Rideshare Apps)


Información importante

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: Pubnub Realtime Geolocation Tracking with Javascript and Google Maps API

¿Esta formación es para mí?: "Beginner realtime map developers
Javascript for maps developers
Google Maps API for developers
Beginning developers who are interested in Pubnub"

Requisitos: "You should understand how to test a webpage on your desktop/localhost. An internet connection is required. A hosting account is a major plus but not necessary, as all files can be tested on your desktop. Nevertheless, you MUST have an internet connection."

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"Introduction Introduction Getting Started With Pubnub Creating a Pubnub Account Hello World in Pubnub Tutorial Combining Javascript, Pubnub and Google Maps For Realtime Tracking Getting your API Key for Google Maps Using Codepen to Generate our Map Generating a Flight Path Map Deep Dive Into the Code (OPTIONAL LECTURE) Live Location - Part 1 Live Location - Part 2 Live Location - Part 3 Live Location - Part 4 Conclusion Conclusion"

Pubnub - Javascript Realtime Maps Geolocation Tracking

$ 100.001-250.000