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Reiki Level 1 & 2 Package


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Are you ready to expand your consciousness whilst also increasing your natural intuition?

To understand reiki is to understand just what a powerful and natural healer you really are.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: To learn Reiki is to learn to connect to a Higher Power. Reiki energy is passed down to the student so that they are able to connect to the universal energy that will flow through your hands. You will be taught all the correct positions to use. As Reiki is not a religion it does not matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs are. Anyone can learn to connect to Reiki Energy. Reiki healers can quite often be found in hospitals/care homes/hospices etc. due to its powerful and amazing effects on those who receive reiki energy. Once you have completed both these courses you will be able to treat yourselves and others and benefit from this truly natural and powerful healing process. Extra Bonus Reiki 2 including animal reiki included.

You will now learn how you can become a beautiful vessel for natural healing. In these powerful and comprehensive professional online 1st and 2nd degree reiki courses you will receive everything you need to become a confident and successful Reiki I practitioner. This Reiki Healing Package Dr Usui teaching will teach you how to harness genuine and powerful healing energies to enable you to channel this for yourself and others.

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Programa académico

Reiki 1 Level 1

Lesson 1

begins with the meaning of Reiki and the history of how it came about.  This section also introduces two of the main Reiki Masters, who played a key role in the practice of Reiki today.

Lesson 2

begins with the ethical principles of Reiki and how Reiki works; it then goes on to explain the preparation for Reiki and safety tips.  This section continues with more about the energy, giving Reiki, treating yourself with Reiki and our bodies (including the different organs and their functions).

Lesson 3

introduces the chakras, their location, what they govern, what happens to our mental, emotional states and our body language when they are blocked.

Lesson 4

begins with position of the hands for Reiki, the 3 Kanji hand positions and information on healing hands.  This section then continues with the explanation of grounding, provides you with a grounding exercise to practice and finally an explanation of the Heart of the Earth.

Lesson 5

begins with more on the Reiki treatment and some tips on how to start the process, using Reiki on others with tips, a step by step guide of the actual treatment.  This section continues with the treatment of specific areas, what to do if the energy is not flowing, and the different Reiki hand positions to use on yourself (this part includes pictures to help you understand what the positions look like).

Lesson 6

begins with the positions to use when giving Reiki to others (again this part includes pictures to help you understand what the positions like).  This section continues with the different ways of using Reiki, such as when your client is sitting, Reiki sandwiches (sandwiching the head and the heart areas), `many on one’ Reiki sessions (when more than one person gives Reiki), Reiki cradling for emotional balancing, treating family and friends, and using it on plants and animals. This section then goes on to explain the connection with colour and crystal therapy.  Finally the Five Spiritual Principles are explained, information on taking Reiki further and the attunement process.

Reiki 2 Level 2

This is the final part of the course, which is explains the Reiki Symbols, the pronunciation, their meanings and their uses.  This section explains a method for distant healing, the aura, a closer look at the chakras and blocked energy centres.  Finally it explains how we should listen to our bodies and gives examples of chakra disorders and the likely causes of their effects.  The last part of this course gives you information on taking Reiki further.

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Package

Precio Emagister

$ 469.884 $ 1.234.039

*Precio estimado

Importe original en GBP:

£ 99 £ 260