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Technical Writing (Advanced)

ADL - Academy for Distance Learning

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Tipología Vocational qualification
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Learn to write successfully in your specialist area. Develop skills to write technical information for a variety of different purposes. Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of technical writing including referencing procedures. If the subject is totally new, you may need to undertake some additional reading, before progressing beyond the first lesson.

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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Basic IT training
Basic IT
Quality Training
Skills and Training

Programa académico

Lesson Structure: Technical Writing (Advanced) - BWR301

There are 9 lessons:

Scope and Nature of Technical Writing
Nature and Scope
Quality of Information
Nature of Language
Characteristics of Technical Writing
Basic Parts of a Document (Written text, Images, White space)
Types of Images (Tables, Charts, Graphs, Photos, Drawings)
Captions and Labels
Main Elements (Front Matter, Body, end matter)
Creating an Index
Elements of Different types of Technical Documents (References, Texts, Journals, Reports, etc)
Matching style and content to the audience
Writing for an Audience
Writing Well
Writing Guidelines (Jargon, Gender neutral writing, Using simple sentences, passive or active language, first, second or third person, etc)
Spelling, Grammar
Editing, Proof reading
Planning: Developing a Logical Structure or Format
Creating a Technical Document
Research the Document; gather information
Plan; decide on the format
Write; create an outline and then write the first draft
Verify; check the accuracy of what you have written
Revise; amend the document before
Writing a First Draft
Collaborative Writing
Working in a team
Tasks and Roles
Technical Brief
Strategies for Collaboration
Style Guide
Using Templates
Using Email Effectively
Writing Technical Periodicals
Writing for Periodicals
Publisher Specs
Writing Descriptions and Specifications
Journal Abstracts
Writing Manuals and Procedures
Writing manuals
Writing Instructions and Procedures
Writing Project Proposals
What is a Proposal?
Proposal Categories (Solicited and Unsolicited)
Model for Writing Proposals
Grant Proposals
The Stop Format
Writing Project Reports.
Types of Reports
Progress Reports
Completion Reports
Review Reports
Regulatory Reports
Feasibility Reports
Scientific Reports
Elements of a Formal Report
Executive Summaries
Learning Goals: Technical Writing (Advanced) - BWR301

Identify a broad range of situations where technical writing is used and where you might gainfully apply those skills;
Present technical documentation for a variety of situations;
Determine how to write appropriately for a defined audience;
Develop formats for different documents that follow a logical appropriate structure;
Explain how to effectively collaborate with one or more people in the production of a technical writing assignment;
Write items of technical writing that are appropriate for publication in different types of periodicals including: popular magazines, industry magazines, scientific journals, newspapers and e-zines;
Write easy to follow, technically accurate instructions for a variety of processes, using a variety of equipment;
Write a formal proposal for a project;
Write in an effective and appropriate style of report, during, or on conclusion of a project.

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