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Aprenda Sharepoint Designer 2007 Intermediate


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Dirigido a: Estos cursos que componen temas como: servidores, programas de diseño de Adobe, office 2007 y más, le ayudarán a realizar sus proyectos, conseguir el puesto de trabajo que desee o simplemente actualizar sus conocimientos.

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Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Intermediate

1.0 File Management
1.1 Working with the My Places Toolbar
1.2 Insert a File
1.3 Add a File from a Scanner or Camera
1.4 Overview Using File Formats
1.5 Overview File Properties

2.0 Dynamic Web Templates
2.1 Create a Dynamic Web Template
2.2 Use a Dynamic Web Page Template
2.3 Use a Dynamic Web Site Template
2.4 Modify a Dynamic Web Template

3.0 Importing and Export a Site
3.1 Importing a File and Site
3.2 Export a File
3.3 Importing and Exporting a Web Package

4.0 Working with Code View
4.1 What is HTML?
4.2 Overview the Structure of HTML
4.3 Overview the Code Window
4.4 Overview the Color Coding Scheme

5.0 Applying Basic Tags
5.1 Use Formatting Tags
5.2 Use Alignment Tags
5.3 Use Color Tags
5.4 Open the HTML menu
5.5 Use the HTML Toolbar

6.0 Using the Tag Properties Window
6.1 Show and Hide the Tag Properties Window
6.2 Use the Tag Properties Buttons
6.3 Overview Tag Attributes
6.4 Modify Tag Attributes

7.0 Adding and Modifying Images
7.1 Inserting Images
7.2 Select and Resize an Image
7.3 Aligning and Positioning Images
7.4 Resample a Photo
7.5 Apply the AutoThumbnail feature

8.0 Format Images using the Pictures Toolbar
8.1 Change the Contrast and Brightness
8.2 Apply the Recolor and Crop feature
8.3 Overview Picture Properties
8.4 Apply a Beveled Edge
8.5 Flip and Rotate Images
8.6 Create and Modify Hotspot

9.0 Publish a Site
9.1 Proofing Your Site
9.2 Website Publishing

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Self-Paced Video Training Course

The Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 training CD contains everything you need to get up and running designing sites that enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity. This self-study program is a terrific way to learn without the hassle of going to classes or the time commitment of traditional instruction methods. You’ll learn through a variety of interactive components including videos, animations, graphics, demos, quizzes, drills, reviews, and hands-on activities.

These SharePoint Designer 2007 tutorial training disks bring the content to life and allow you see the steps visually before tackling the hands-on exercises. This see-and-do method is an effective way to learn new software. We designed the SharePoint Designer with your ultimate success in mind. View instructor-led videos, see graphic illustrations, listen to step-by-step instructions and then perform the tasks for yourself.

Review sections ensure that you can go over any trouble sections and master the content. In fact, the SharePoint Designer 2007 training CD has pre and post assessments to measure your progress and show you where you need to focus your studies.

You can work as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and learning style allows. Choose the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 tutorial training course and learn about the features and capabilities of the program as well as how to use these features to their fullest.

$ 487.858 IVA inc.

*Precio estimado

Importe original en USD:

$ 129 $ 149