Post Graduate Diploma in Administrative law

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Train specialist lawyers with extensive knowledge of administrative law and its relationship with other areas. It will provide with necessary competencies for research and application of such knowledge in the identification and solution of problems that arise in the future of the exercise of public power in the framework of a dynamic state, where the tendencies of the public administration and the paradigms of the law that govern this area are changing.

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Santa Marta (Magdalena)
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Calle 17 N°2-56 piso 2


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The graduate of this program will be highly competent to perform in the different scenarios of application of the procedural law, characterized by being able to develop before any jurisdiction, specialty and authority, with a critical level, Respectful and human rights defender. Likewise, they will develop a high sense of justice and fairness, so that they will fulfill their professional duties keeping respect for the rights of the people, be they as defenders, judges, counterparts or servants of the state.

For specialization in administrative law the following requirements were established to qualify for the title of specialist in Administrative law: Have completed and approved the twenty-eight (28) academic credits of the curriculum within a maximum period of (2) years. Any other administrative requirement established by the University.

Resolución de Aprobación de Registro Calificado No. 06052 del 04 Abril de 2018. Con vigencia de siete (7) años

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The program of specialization in the Administrative law of the University of Magdalena will educate competent lawyers with tools based on knowledge and disciplinary standards at high ethical levels, in order to propose solutions based on the technology of information. It will allow its graduates to innovate, lead and participate in projects in different areas of society impacting their region and the country while improving the quality of life of the communities.


The program of specialization in administrative law will be recognized by the high quality in its academic processes, social projection and internationalization, the appropriation of a pedagogical model centered on the student, the use of technologies of Information of last generation in its different activities, the integration with different sectors of the society, the positioning of its graduates in the contribution to the research, innovation and productive development with social responsibility. In addition, it is a discipline in charge of establishing regulations for the exercise of administrative function by those who are constitutionally and legally vested with authority to exercise it, in order to fulfil the constitutional purposes of the State.

Post Graduate Diploma in Administrative law

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