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Company and Project managers have several responsibilities which are motivated and ruled by a complex network of economic, social, political and cultural factors. These factors emerge not only from inside the organization, but also from its surroundings. Nevertheless, although there are several concepts related to the manager’s role, managerial skills outfits every theoretical consideration; the manager must take different tasks simultaneously such as finding business opportunities, setting objectives, strategies, and company policies. Therefore, the execution of projects at micro and macro levels must establish a good organizational environment and set regular assessments to all strategic areas of the organization.

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Cra. 19 # 49-20, Bogotá, Colombia
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I. Leadership and strategic planning Management philosophyFinding business opportunitiesBenchmarking and empowermentTypology of corporation strategy II. Strategic planning Functional strategic plansOperational strategic plansStrategic plan design (setting organizational, analysis inside the company, analysis of the environment, designing alternative strategies).Assessing and controlling strategic plans III. Organizational conflict Organizational Culture and communicationConflict overviewConflict in organizationsManagerial skills to handle conflicts

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