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Amazing elearning

Dreamweaver 8 Training Tutorial

Amazing elearning

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Tipología Curso
Metodología Virtual
Horas lectivas 8h
  • Curso
  • Virtual
  • 8h

Mastering Dreamweaver 8 teaches the essential features of Dreamweaver 8. This is a self-paced program to guide you from start to finish without any prior knowledge of web design nor Dreamweaver.

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Programa académico

Mastering Dreamweaver 8 teaches the essential features of Dreamweaver 8. This is a self-paced program to guide you from start to finish without any prior knowledge of web design nor Dreamweaver.


  • Learn Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 quickly and easily
  • Clear step-by-step guide with narrated instructions
  • View in full screen for easy-to-follow instructions
  • Up to 20X faster than learning from a book
  • Interact with the program to retain maximum learning
  • Use sample files to practice along in Dreamweaver 8 software program
  • Approximately 10 Hours training time

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1 - Getting started

· Open Macromedia Dreamweaver 8©
· Set up a site for your web pages
· Include and edit text
· Include and edit images

Lesson 2 – Synchronizing HTML Layout

· Synchronize files between remote and local site
· Create and edit basic tables

Lesson 3 – Basic Tables Operations

· Edit rows and columns
· Set the width and height of table cell
· Change table cell background color
· Split and merge table cells

Lesson 4 – Inserting Background Images & Hyperlinks

· How to create a background image of a table
· How to create a background color of a page
· Search and understand head contents
· Create meta and head tags
· Insert images
· Create hyperlinks and mail-to links

Lesson 5 – Cloaking Folders & Locating Documents

· Waive folder from being synchronized
· Find and replace information from a specific page and the entire site.
· Locate a file from a remote and a local site

Lesson 6 – Creating Links and Scripts

· Insert a Javascript
· Create anchors
· Create links to images and html pages
· Check broken links
· Set a page as your homepage
· Change previous created links to other links

Lesson 7 – Developing Rollover Objects

· Create a simple rollover images
· Create a rollover image with a table

Lesson 8 – Creating Forms

· Insert text field and password forms within a table
· Insert and set up a checkbox
· Insert and set up a radio group
· Insert and set up menu and lists
· Insert and set up a jump menu
· Insert and set up a file field
· Insert and set up an image field
· Create a submit button
· Create a reset button

Lesson 9 – Understanding The Assets And Library Panels

· Read assets panel and manipulate their objects
· Create library items
· Insert library items into html pages
· Update library files

Lesson 10 – Designing With Templates

· Create a template
· Create editable regions
· Insert a table into an editable region
· Detach template from a page

Lesson 11 – Working with Jump Menus

· Create a jump menu
· Set up menu items and URLs
· Create a navigation bar
· Create navigation images and URLs
· Create design notes for a page
· Create design notes for objects

Lesson 12 – Working with Cascading Style Sheets

· Create a CSS file
· Edit font style using the CSS tool
· Link CSS file to web page
· Create your own CSS style file for a specific text

Lesson 13 – Adding Sound Files and Image Maps

· Insert audio file
· Insert a wave file with plug-in
· Create hyperlinks on specific areas on images by image mapping

Lesson 14 – Working with layers

· Create multiple layers on a page
· Insert background colors and image on layers
· Detach nested layer from parent layer
· Convert layers to a table

Lesson 15 – Generating Dynamic HTML Frames

· Show grids on programs
· Add URL behavior to layer
· Create frames
· Save frames
· Create hyperlinks and add text on layers
· Set up hyperlinks with frames
· Adapt your page to different web browsers

Tips and Tricks:

· Accessing Alternative FTP port
· Adding multiple space
· Background table image issue
· Creating a null link
· Creating and customizing email links
· FTP time outs
· Image links
· Inserting a jump menu
· Importing MS word documents
· Line spacing
· Linking PDF files
· Sharing HTML documents with Unix users
· Uploading dependent files
· Using ASCII ANSI and special characters
· Using site maps
· Website not updated on Browser

* If Dreamweaver 8 is currently installed on your computer. you may use it to practice with Mastering Dreamweaver; however no actual Dreamweaver 8 program is needed to run the dynamic simulations on this CD!

System Requirements:

  • * Windows XP© Pro, Home, NT, 98
  • * Intel Pentium 133 Mhz or higher
  • * 32MB RAM
  • * 10MB free disk space
  • * 24X CD-ROM
  • * 1024 x 768 monitor resolution

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