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Para hablar en situaciones de la vida cotidiana real.
Dirigido a: Principiantes y aprendices.


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3188521402, Bogotá, Colombia
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W Welcome to the clase. Vocabulary: colours; the alphabet and spelling; days of the week. Real world: saying hello and goodbye; introducing yourself; classroom instructions.

  1. 1. Meeting people. 1A where are you from? Vocabulary: countries and nationalities. Grammar: be(1); positive and Wh-questions; subject pronouns and possessive adjectives. Real world: introducing people. Help with listening: word stress. 1B In the coffee break. Vocabulary: numbers 0-20; phone numbers; jobs; a and an. Grammar: be(2); negative, yes/no questions and short answers. 1C Personal details. Real world: asking for and giving personal details; asking people to repeat things. Vocabulary: numbers 20-100; age. 1D Lost property. Vocabulary: personal possessions (1); plurals; this, that, these, those. Review and Progress Portfolio. Reading and writing Portfolio 1. Exercises of Workbook.
  2. 2. People and possessions. 2A What’s important for you? Vocabulary: Adjectives(1) ; adjectives with very, personal possessions(2). Grammar: have got. 2B Meet the Robinsons. Vocabulary: family; how many…? Grammar: possessive ‘s. Help with listening: the schwa /ǝ/ in word and sentences. 2C Time and money. Real world: talking about times and prices; buying tickets. Vocabulary: time words (minute, year, etc,); how much…? 2D Where’s the baby? Vocabulary: things in a house; prepositions of place; whose …? Review and progress portfolio. Reading and writing portfolio 2. Exercises of workbook.
  3. 3. Daily life. 3A A glamorous life? Vocabulary: daily routines. Grammar: Present simple (1); positive and Wh-questions (I/you/we/they). 3B Evenings and weekends. Vocabulary: free time activities (1); time phrases with on, in, at, every. Grammar: Present Simple (2); negative and yes/no questions (I/you/we/they). Help with listening: questions with do you…? 3C Special days. Real world: phrases for special days; suggestions. Vocabulary: months and dates. Help with listening: dates. 3D Early bird or night owl? Vocabulary: frequency adverbs. Grammar: subject and object pronouns. Review and progress portfolio. Reading and writing portfolio 3.
  4. 4. Time off. 4A Away from home. Vocabulary: free time activities (2). Grammar: Present Simple (3); positive and negative (he/she/it). Help with listening: linking (1). 4B First date! Vocabulary: things you like and don’t like; verb+ing. Grammar: Present simple (4): questions and short answers (he/she/it). 4C Eating out. Real world: request and offers with Cab I/we have…? I’d/We’d like…, Would you like…? Vocabulary: food and drink (1). Help with listening: questions with Would you like…? 4D Breakfast time. Vocabulary: food and drink (1); countable and uncountable nouns. Review and Progress Portfolio. Reading and Writing Portfolio 4.
  5. 5. Homes and shops. 5A My kind of place. Vocabulary: places in a town/the country. Grammar: there is/are. Help with listening: sentence stress (2). 5B Renting a flat. Vocabulary: rooms and things in a house. Grammar: how much…?/ How many …?; some, any, a. 5C At the shops. Real world: shop languages. Vocabulary: shops; one and ones; things to buy. Help with listening: in a shop. 5D In a fashion. Vocabulary: clothes; plural nouns. Review and Progress Portfolio. Reading and Writing Portfolio 5.
  6. 6. Good times, bad times. 6A Three generations. Vocabulary: adjectives (2); years. Grammar: Past Simple (1); be. Help with Listening: was and were. 6B People who changed the world. Vocabulary: life events. Grammar: Past Simple (2) regular and irregular verbs; positive and Wh-questions. 6C Four weekends. Real world: showing interest and continuing a conversation. Vocabulary: weekend activities. Help with Listening: showing interest. 6D The good and the bad. Vocabulary: adjectives with very, really, quite, too. Review and Progress Portfolio. Reading and Writing Portfolio 6.

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