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Horas lectivas 16h
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  • Virtual
  • 16h

Dirigido a: Los cursos de Amazing eLearning están orientados a todos los profesionales y no profesionales que quieran actualizar sus conocimientos en cursos técnicos de una mánera fácil y rápida de aprender. Todos nuestros tutoriales son interactivos para crear el máximo aprendizaje en el usuario.


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Microsoft Office Access 2007 Training CD Online Access

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Office Access 2007

  • Opening up Access 2007
  • Getting started with access options and tools
  • Getting started with templates
  • Getting started with blank databases and recent databases
  • The Function Area
  • The Navigation pane
  • Tabbed documents
  • The status bar

Lesson 2: Design and Creation of a database: student

  • Design a database
  • Create a sample database: student
  • Create datasheet relationships
  • Create indexes
  • Edit field types
  • Edit table structure
  • Format datasheets

Lesson 3: Various Types of Queries

  • Create a select query
  • Create a parameter query
  • Create a cross tab query
  • Create a criteria query
  • Perform calculation using a query
  • Create an operation query
  • Create an SQL query

Lesson 4: Forms

  • Command button used to create form
  • Create a form using the Form Wizard
  • Create forms using the Form Tool
  • Create a split form
  • Use form design view to create and edit a form
  • Applying controls in the form design view
  • Create a switchboard form

Lesson 5: Reports

  • Use the Report Tool to create a report
  • Use the Report Wizard to create a report
  • Use the Label Wizard to create labels
  • Create a report using design view
  • Editing a report
  • Sorting and grouping in a report
  • Calculations in a report
  • Printing reports

Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting Data

  • Importing Access files
  • Importing Excel files
  • Importing SharePoint lists
  • Importing text files
  • Importing XML files
  • Linking to Access files
  • Linking to Excel files
  • Exporting a table as an Excel worksheet
  • Exporting to a SharePoint site
  • Exporting as .PDF or other type of file

Lesson 7: Use of Macros to automate tasks

  • Create a macro using 1st method
  • Create a macro using 2nd method
  • Editing a macro
  • Create a macro group
  • Create a conditional macro

Lesson 8: Use of VBA and Modules

  • Introduction to VBA and Modules
  • Create a class module
  • Create a standard module
  • Creating and debugging procedure
  • Editing a module

Lesson 9: Database Management and Security

  • Backup a database
  • Compacting and repairing a database
  • Data Analysis
  • Setup Passwords
  • The Trust Center
  • Saving as an .accde file (Execute-only Database)

Appendix: Database Concept and definitions


1. CD-ROM sealed in a DVD-case

2. Free Online Access
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Level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Outline:

Put the Access 2007 to work for you in a few hours!

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  • Get to know the interface and new features of Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Learn to create a sample Access database within 24 hours
  • Lessons include text, voice, and mouse activities to accommodate the three basic learning styles: reading, hearing, and doing.
  • The best step-by-step tutorial using the latest eLearning technology
  • No prior knowledge of using Access nor Database is necessary

Why our amazing elearning technology allows you to learn Access 2007 in a few hours?

  • Each step comes with voice, text, hightlighted box, and mouse activity.
  • Crystal clear audio delivered by professional narrator.
  • Texts are written and edited by professional editor.
  • Mouse motion to draw your attention.
  • Highlighted box to show you exactly where to click.
  • Easy navigation to each topic.
  • Playback controller to move a slide forward, backward and stop.
  • Full-size screen display for maximum viewing (1024 x 768)
  • Side-by-side learning and doing - best for using the Excel 2007 and tutorial at the same time.

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