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    Fechas a escoger

Para hablar en inglés general con énfasis en vida real.
Dirigido a: Aprendices y principiantes.


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Fechas a escoger
3188521402, Bogotá, Colombia
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Inicio Fechas a escoger
3188521402, Bogotá, Colombia
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· Requisitos


Programa académico


1.New friends.

1A. What’s your name?

1B. Where’s she from?

1C. In class.

1D. People and things.

Review and Progress Portfolio.


Numbers 0-12

Grammar and Real World

I, my, you, your.

Saying hello; introducing people; phone numbers; saying goodbye.


Conversations at a party


Conversation at a party.

Where are you from?

Welcome to the class.

Help with listening and help with sounds

Help with listening Word stress.

Help with sounds /ə/ and /æ/



Introduce people.

Phone numbers.

Names and countries.

What’s his/her name?

First names and surnames.

Conversations in class.

Talking about a photo


Sentences about famous people.

Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 WB.

2. All about you

2A. She’s british.

2B. What’s your job?

2C. Personal information.

2D. How old is she?

2 Review and Progress Portfolio



Titles; greetings.

Numbers 13-100.

Be (singular): positive and negative.

Be (singular): questions and short answers.

Real world: e-mail addresses; personal information question.

Real world how old…?

True and false sentences.

E-mail addresses

Around the world.

Photos of friends.

At an employment agency.

How old is your cat?

Help with listening numbers with –teen and –ty.

Help with sounds /ɩ/ and /i:/

True or false?

About your partner Ben’s friends.

Good morning!

Interview your partner.

Questions with How old …?

Guess the ages.

True and false sentences.

Yes/no questions.

Filing in a form.

Reading and writing Portfolio 2 WB

3. People and places.

3A. Two cities

3B. Brothers and sisters.

3C. Eat in or take away?

3D. Bread and cheese.

3 Review and progress portfolio.

Adjectives (1); word order with adjectives; very.


Food and drink 1

Food and drink 2 ; love, like, eat, drink, a lot of.

Be (plural): positive, negative, questions and short answers.

Possessive ’s; subject pronouns (I, you etc.) and possessive adjectives (my, your, etc.)

Real world money and prices; how much …?; in a café.

Two e-mails

Fiona’s family

A price list in a café

Fiona’s family

Our grandchildren


Two customers in a café

They love chocolate

Help with listening contractions

Help with sounds /ɒ/ and /ʌ/

Talking about the two emails

Your family

Ordering food and drink in a café

Food and drink

Sentences about Fiona’s family

Sentences with love, like, eat, drink, a lot of

Reading and writing Portfolio 3 WB

4.My world

4A.I like it

4B.My free time

4C.Buying things

4D.Days and times

4 Review and progress portfolio

Phrases with like, have, live, work, study.

Free time activities.

Things to buy, this, that, these, those.

Days of the week; time words

Present simple (I, you, we, they): positive and negative.

Present simple (I, you, we, they): questions and short answers.

Real world in a shoop.

Real word telling the time; talking about the time.

Life in Peru and Australia.

An online interview.

Four conversations in the shop.

Life in Peru and Australia.

An online interview.

Four conversations in the shop

Help with Listening questions with do you.

Help with Sounds /θ/ and /ð/

True or false?

Your free time

Your partner’s free time

Buying things in a shop

Film times

True and false sentences

Your free time

yes / no questions

A conversation in a shop

Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 WB

5. Day-to-day life

5A A typical day

5B Where does she work?

5C The New Moon

5D A day off

5 Review and Progress Portfolio

daily routines

time phrases with on, in, at

food and drink (3) frequency adverbs and phrases with every

Present Simple (he, she, it ): positive and negative

Present Simple (he, she, it ): questions and short answers

Real World in a restaurant

Carol’s routine

Tom’s routine

A restaurant menu

Sunday routines

Carol’s routine

Lunch on Monday

Conversations in a restaurant

Sunday routines

Help with Listening sentence stress (1)

Help with Listening sentence stress (2)

Help with Sounds /w/ and /v/

Your daily routine

Your partner’s daily routine

Your best friend

Ordering food and drink in a restaurant

Your Sunday routine

Questions with does

A conversation in a restaurant

True and false sentences

Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 WB

6 Towns and cities

6A My home town

6B Are there any shops?

6C Tourist information

6D It’s my favourite

6 Review and Progress Portfolio

places in a town or city (1)

places in a town or city (2)

things in your bag (2)

clothes; colours; favourite

a, some, a lot of ; there is / there are: positive

there is / there are: negative, yes / no questions and short answers; any

Real World at the tourist information centre.

Susan’s home town

Conversations at a tourist information centre

Susan’s home town

Welcome to my home

Conversations at a tourist

information centre

My favourite colour is pink

Help with Listening linking (1)

Help with Sounds /tʃ/ and /d/

A town or city you know

Places near Susan’s flat

Places near your home

Asking for information at a tourist

information centre

Your clothes and colours

Favourite things and people

Sentences with there is / there are

Questions with Is there a …? And Are there any … ?

Questions with your favourite

Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 WB

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