Upper Intermediate Level General Spanish


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Tipología Curso
Metodología Virtual
Horas lectivas 60h
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  • Virtual
  • 60h

Students will master both regular and irregular verbs in the complex past and perfect and imperfect subjunctive tenses, as well as learning vocabulary related to a range of different current affairs and news topics.
Dirigido a: Anyone who wants to learn the Spanish language! Courses range from basic to advanced, so whether you’re a complete beginner or have been studying Spanish for years, WebSpanish will provide Spanish instruction at the right level for you.

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All you need is a computer, internet connection and headset (microphone and earphones or speakers). That's it!

Programa académico

Goals and Objectives
WebSpanish Upper Intermediate Level General Spanish has been carefully designed to provide high quality Spanish learning tuition, delivered in real time via the internet.

Its objectives are:

That students develop upper intermediate competence in oral and written comprehension and expression of the Spanish language.
That students learn the Spanish language within the contemporary cultural context.

WebSpanish teachers employ a personalized, communicative and intercultural approach in order that students gain upper intermediate competence in –

Comprehension of audio materials
Comprehension of visual materials
Comprehension of written materials
Oral expression
Written expression

Teachers make use of a wide variety of interactive audio, video and written materials, both during classes and as part of regular assignments which are corrected and discussed at the beginning of each lesson.

All communication with the student aims to stimulate his/her use of the target language.
The program is delivered within the contemporary social and cultural context of the Spanish language.

1A. Hasta que te conocí

1B. Déjame que te cuente

2A. ¡Le daré tu mensaje!

2B. ¡No me digas!

3A. ¿Qué habrá pasado para el 2050?

3B. ¿A dónde habrá ido?

4A. ¡Deja de hacer eso!

4B. ¡No digas eso!

5A. ¡Se vende!

5B. ¡Se quedó sin nada!

6A. ¡Se puso furioso!

6B. ¡Se me olvidó!

7A. En cuanto termine, iré

7B. ¡No creo que te cases!

8A. Lo que más me gusta es estudiar español

8B. Me alegro que hayas venido

9A. ¿Qué deseabas cuando eras niño?

9B. Si pudiera, cambiaría muchas cosas

10A. Revisión

Información adicional

Forma de pago: Students may purchase hours in blocks of 5, and therefore don't have to buy the whole course at once or make a substantial financial commitment. Students may use their hours as quickly or slowly as they like, rearrange classes and take breaks in their program for holidays, business engagements and other activities.
Observaciones: WebSpanish schedules are completely flexible, allowing the student to pick his/her own class times around other commitments.
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Persona de contacto: Student Services